Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Maestro and 'Mary': Part 1

A couple of months after FarmerJ, I meet 'Mary', petite girl with slender smooth body. She was pretty cute but at the time I only talked to her on a platonic level. It seems that at FH club, everything changes. My HS buddies had come up to have some fun at FH, and fun we had. Getting tanked on smirnoffs (my drink of choice back then....I despised beer back then...but now I've acquired quite a liking to many different types.) we just wander about the club, noticing hot girls.

Near the end of the night (funny how interesting stuff happens around this time)...I see Mary and at this point i'm pretty drunk...
I ask her if she's grinded before and she says no. Who better to teach than Me. We grind for a long time and the infamous SLOW song at the very end. This time I am happy because I have a girl to dance with and no guy is groping my behind.
My other buddy from University 'RK' hooked up with Mary's friend, who is SMOKING HOT....like those models from those beauty pageants 'Mary'sHOTfriend'. oh well I was just beginning my career at this point and had to work up to standards like those.
I said bye to my HS buddies - Ranch was there, who were pretty pissed drunk as well except for the driver and then RK drove me, mary and mary'sHotFriend back to the residence.
Make out sessions for both couples ensue, until I was literally dragged out by RK when he was done. Don't quite remember the conversation with Mary but I'll outline it below:

mary: I've wanted to kiss you for so long
Me: *continues kissing
Mary: {more kissing} Are you just going to kiss me?
Me: Isn't kissing good enough?

Anywho, i got her number and we went out for awhile....but she was tight-ass...not literally....i mean i coudln't even take off her shirt....i coudln't even take off MINE?!?!? Its' like i wanted to take off my shirt "it's HOT" is my excuse - well most of the time it's true. She says...Nono...keep it on. I'm like OK therre Sister Mary. Anyhow, a week and bit later she tells me she loves me. The next day I ended it.
You're probably thinking...wtf, this story sucks - well of course there's MORE.

She hated me for at least a year, spreading stories about me worse than the fallout of a nuclear bomb...i mean i got cuteye from ALL of their friends and some i didn't even know....my reputation is really picking up. She ended up dating this other guy for about a year and much to my disappointment it was he who popped her cherry. No matter, he broke her in for me.

oh well. Time to move on.


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