Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Maestro gets advances - from a GUY

I was thinking of how to arrange all the stories instead of having long posts. Maybe blogging isn't the best way? Oh well, just note that the date posted is probably not the day it happened, unless I tell you it was (I'll say last night, or 2 nights ago etc...)

Anyway, this story happened quite awhile back...maybe 3 years ago at the campus club: FH - Those who know me know this place and this is where most of my stories are born. Most of them recorded into a little black notebook the day after - or if I was really drunk...2 days - 1 week later. I would say they are fairly accurate and detailed, but it'll take some time to post them here. So be patient - something i'm not haha.

So it's a typical night at FH - drinking, grinding, flirting - i don't quite remember which girls I was with, if any, but I remember I was alone near the end of the night, so I wasn't successful hmm...
So i'm dancing on the main floor, when a average white guy (casual clothing, jeans, dark blonde brown hair, 5'7) comes up to me, caresses me with his rough hands on my waist (YES CARESSED, i can think of no other word - it was definitely sexual) and says "Hey, lets go up on stage and dance." Normally, I go up on the stage anyway, albeit alone, with girls, but never at the request of a male stranger. They play that fast-beat dance-techno-euro-trance stuff that I just love getting my groove on to. I respond with a 'sure' and we proceed up onto the stage and bust-a-groove. Everything's fine right? I'm dancing in my space, and he's dancing in his. Once in awhile, he would get me to look at him when he's trying some new move or something fancy twirl (liquid dancers do this - basically interlock fingers of both hands and dance in fluid motion, it's really cool if you do it well) it was pretty cool, especially with those flashing strobe lights. Anyhow, I pull off some stuff of my own and this is where things turn sour. The DJ plays the last song of the night.
The last song is usually the time when random hookups enjoy a sweet romantic slow dance before they go home and bang like rabbits. So seeing that I have no random hookup, I start to exit the stage and go home. At this point, the male stranger ( I don't even remember his name, but why the fuck should I?) caresses me hard by my waist yet again and brings me up close to him. He takes his other hand and slowly reaches down my back (yes this is the part you shiver...cause I certainly did. And it was not does erogenous shivers that you get when a girl licks your back or whatever ...NO...this was a disgusted shiver - one of those "GET THE FUCK OFF ME" shivers.) I literally turn my head away and start to slowly push my arms down at his so as to make him cease physical contact with my body. I may be ruthless, and crazy, but I'm still polite. I prevented myself from giving him a shove off the railings of the stage and into a pit of hopeless romantics - I wasn't THAT drunk to start slow-dancing with a guy. I mean I know pretty well where I stand sexually and it's not with a guy. So I tell him politely, like a shy little school girl, "Uhhh...Noo... thanks." I mean this guy wasn't disgusting or anything and I had no reason to punk him off just because he was making sexual advances towards me. Yes, you can all make fun of me for years to come, but it was an interesting learning experience. Now I know how a girl feels haha.

Nevertheless, the guy ended up slow dancing with a girl, one of his friends. While I was leaving the stage, he gives me the most seductive look EVER and mouths "You're missing out..." THANKS A LOT, YOU JUST MADE MY NIGHT. HOLY FUCK. As if that image won't be in my head for years and years. I just sue for psychological damage. How can I function with women when this guy's blowing kisses to me in my head....argh.
The worst part was, it was way past last call and I had no more alcohol to numb my brain long enough so some neurosurgeon can surgically remove this memory from it. I desperately try to find a girl, but it's no use. The entire club's lights are on and the few people remaining already have hookups. I am hopeless. I have been attacked and there is no medic. Where will I find solace?? These were my early years....before the concept of booty call. I just wanted to be held, by a woman - is that too much to ask?

I manage to stumble home and I must've watched 3 hours of lesbian porn. 3hours STRAIGHT (you should know why it was lesbian and not hardcore man-woman -i didn't want to see someone's dick. Seeing that would only set off horrific nightmares that that guy would have done to me if I wasn't sober. AGHHHHHHHHH ). I think it was the perfect medicine. I think i'm cured.....Too bad this is not the last time I get hit on by a guy. Sigh. Tis the life of The maestro.


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