Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Maestro meets Leslie: Part 1

I met 'Leslie' while eating in a dinner at the res cafe. I was sitting with my buddy Turf along with TwinMee, TwinBee and Nash. During the course of the dinner those four talked about Japanese dramas and other such boring stuff that me and Turf had absolutely no interest. We talked about the homosexual fruit that wanders around with an elementary schoolbag that has pink pigs pinned on the back. We're in UNIVERSITY....did you not have enough of a childhood? Save your diapers for your mom. After our laughing fits ended, we talked about this girl I was sorta seeing 'Jlo' but figured I'm so not ready for a relationship. I also told him how I'm able to read girls and put on my mack face and hook up - the regular stuff - Eye contact, body language, speech...little things that most people overlook. Leslie was right beside me and I asked Turf what he thought.

All the while she's RIGHT beside me and Turf is across the table from me.
Me: So what do you think (points to Leslie)
Turf: she's alright.
Me: she's got some big tits. (you rarely see this on an asian...so this was a big plus)
Turf: she's a little short...but she's ok.
Me: HAhahahahaah. I'm not ready. (we both laugh)

It was at this point that Leslie turns over and says "Why don't you 2 talk much? How come you're so focused on eating your food?" HELLO? Didn't you just hear us laughing? and commenting on your tits? I guess not. So she wanted me to talk eh?
During conversation, noticed all the signs of interest from her: Dilated pupils, leaning over (occasionally brushing her hand against my leg), matched my posture when I changed positions. Talking continued until the staff wanted our dirty dishes...WTF can't you wait until we're done ? I alternate with Turf about how I saw all these features and Leslie is a definite go - he didn't believe me, Yet.
The group then decided to goto FH to party later on that night. I was definitely in, and so was Leslie (actually I'm always in for FH.) We decided to relax a bit before then upstairs in the Great Hall, where TwinMee and TwinBee played ping pong with Nash. I decided to score some points by playing the piano for Leslie...she's mesmerized, literally. SO much so that she started dancing outside (she's almost pro ballet dancer - which was really sexy) Things are starting to look good for the Maestro - but i was a bit scared of those ballet legs. Those things can kill...
I had a calculus assignment due and had to finish it before partying began (Yes I did work.) I was done at about 10pm and headed over to TwinMee's place for some pre-juicing. I had brought over Mike's hards and a bottle of Vodka. Everyone drank a Mike's and this is where I noticed Leslie's tolerance for alcohol is worse than a 3 year old. I mean not even half-way into the bottle she was already red hot...her face was burning and her speech slurred. I didn't think this was possible - maybe halfway into an Absinthe bottle, but MIke's Hard???? I had to finish the rest of her drink for fear she wouldn't get into FH and all my effort gone to waste. As for the Vodka - they were all pussies it remained untouched.
As we proceed to the club, I see Jlo (the irony) I waited until Leslie was ahead of the group and stayed to talk to her for a bit. I guess I won't be seeing much of Jlo anymore if things go smooth with Leslie.

At FH @11pm I order a Long island iced tea, but Leslie couldn't have anymore....i can't believe it...then My favorite song plays Lady by Modjo- I drag her out to the dance floor and chugged the long island. Seth came in with his gf and dragged me out for a smoke - Marley's were "good shit". He talked about how he wanted to remain loyal to his gf but his CBC side was taking over. I just told him to do what he feels...and to have fun - CBC's rule. I enter the club again (smoking wasn't allowed indoors) and lo and behold, Reggae music starts playing. I quickly find Leslie and begin explaining that Western culture demands that grinding commences during this type of music. I also told her that she needed to dress more hot cause she was in a yellow t-shirt and something crappy pants...it was disgusting, but still she had great breasts. I teach her (surprise surprise) how to grind and pretty soon we're the center of the grinding attention. By now I was starting to sober up, and this is no good. I quickly order 2 Tequila's and since Leslie had never had any shots before, this burned her pretty good. So the grinding continues for about an hour. Saw my buddy DJB, and I go out with him and Seth for another cig. Leslie didn't like this smoking habit of mine (I'm only an occasional/social smoker - it tends to give an extra high along with the alcohol...feels quite good).
coming back in we see these smoking hot girls....but Leslie came right up to me and it was a quick reminder to me that I'm supposed to be with her that night. And the ends with the last song, and I get ready to dance with her, but she asks in chinese "Is there sincerity in this?" I pause for a minute......"Yeah." Remember, I was drunk.

I piggybacked her all the way to her residence - must've been a kilometer or so...holy fuck it was long and it was cold. Why I did this? I don't remember...I remember how much my body hurt the next day. We reach her hallway and she told me to gohome - at this point i'm stumbling to the corner and can't stand up. Leslie realizes i'm too drunk to go home. GOOD OBSERVATION. THis was 2:45am. I tried to convince her that I'm not drunk (cause she wouldn't hook up with me if i was i guess) by getting up and trying to walk in a straight line. I must've walked 5 steps (in a diagonal line..) when she pushed me over. WTF, she literally shoved me against the wall. We laugh and anyhow, i go back out to the stairwell balcony and she goes into her room. I later see her roomate come out and she goes "Leslie likes you (she's also drunk) and if you don't kiss her right now I'm kicking you out!!!" So guess what i do? I COMPLY. She said she normally doesn't go this fast....whatever. We goto the lounge area and started fooling around...after about 20 mins, some guy walks right in and pulls the TV plug...sees us and goes "OH..hello, umm i wasn't here....i'm leaving...uhh ...continue whatever you're doing...ok? yeah ok...lights are going off now...bye"
Her being a virgin, she wouldn't even let me touch her crotch...oh well...make out more. i think I passed out here. I wake up around 5:30am to realize she's gone, I must've told her to go back to her room or something stupid like that. I get up and this is where it turns bad - I needed to puke, bad. I run to the bathroom....and unload. Nose starts to bleed. sHIt. I hate it when this happens. After this ends I go back to the lounge to sleep on the couch...around 7:30 (i see the time on the TV cause i didn't bother to turn it off) Leslie wakes me up ready to goto her 8:30 class....and she just LEAVES..I"M like WTF WAIT...i was so dizzy I could barely walk and i follow her down to the caf for breakfast. I felt like a truck ran me over. Everything moved around me...I couldn't even hold down the water bottle...it kept falling over. She eats her breakfast and enjoys it....I almost throw up on it...but I control it. When she's done I walk with her and I go back to my dorm while she goes to class....I puke a LOT more and pass out. 8:30am.

I'll add more to this later...it's quite long. but this is how it started with Leslie. i know GREAT START EH?


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