Friday, November 26, 2004

Maestro O.M.C.P.'s first love - Summer 2000

Maestro O.M.C.P. wasn't always the ladies man he is now. In the times of highschool, one might say I was in hibernation - a dormant state where I participated in W5H teams and math league. Yes, I can calculate square roots of any number without a calculator - and I knew all the values of Snooker balls even though I could not for the life of me hold the cue properly, let alone shoot a ball in. I recount fond memories with 'Jusher' where we would spend 2 hours playing a SINGLE snooker game at his condo....can you believe it - but our patheticness and failure to score hot chicks would forever change. And here is where you will hear about it.

And so we started buffing up our bodies to Usher-like goodness in the hopes that some gorgeous babe will take 1 look at us and start sucking our cocks in the middle of the park.
But I digress - it isn't until when I entered University that the existence of the female species registered into my virgin mind. To sum it up in 1 sentence: Maestro O.M.C.P. was like a wild beast unleashed and freed from 18 years of fasting.
So what better way to feast than at a club - the campus club

There's a lot to learn when you're at the club - dancing, drinking, keeping yourself awake enough not to get kicked out, and not tripping when you're pissed drunk.
A) Dancing - highschool dances saw me with the rest of the bookworms near the wall. I mean if you see those movies with those geeks who talk about star trek and dungeons and dragons and tell the teachers when the drinks are spiked - yeah that's me. Things changed during one of my junior years, when i was taught to dance by a senior...i learned that flapping my elbows like a chicken and bending my knees is considered dancing and acceptable by all at a highschool dance. Well this can only get me so being practically kicked out of a REAL club. but thankfully it's natural for me and i picked it up quite fast. Observing others, music videos, usher, michael jackson, justin timberlake.....but there is something seen at the campus club that I've never seen at any highschool jam ever: Grinding (maybe I'm part of the older more Conservative generation) but yes there are 3 types of grinding: ASS GRIND - guy grind girl's ass, FRONTAL GRIND - both facing each other and grind frontal regions, and the GRIND TRAIN - multiple guys and girls insert themselves, alternatively interlocking pelvic regions and rubbing themselves in a massive orgy.
Let's fast forward to some action now shall we.

So The Maestro swears never to be loser geek that he once was and set forth on the mission to "Pick-up". Reading some articles and being exposed to all types of media helped me to be quite successful at this. The ability to read a woman's body language can usually score you a high success rate, but I wasn't afraid to be rejected. All those whores who reject your advances are bitches that deserve nothing better than feces of your dead dog. That usually got me by quite well - ego only boosted with each rejection haha.
It was my first time at one of these huge Summer jams - they called it Summerfest. I took this as my oppurtunity to not be afraid and just act casual and pick up at least 1 girl. [Side note: I had managed to persuade my female lab partner 'FluxCap' to go this jam. I think she had a thing for me when we played some pool together at the residence but her friends told me to ask her out cause she would listen to me. And indeed she did. She wasn't hot, and had thick muscular legs that could snap my neck in half if she did a scissorkick move.] I got FluxCap an apple cider alcoholic drink (wtf...the last time i drank apple cider was on one of those elementary trips to the apple farm where kids got sick eating too many apples while picking them. Yes I was one of those kids.) I proceeded to order some REAL drinks - couple of whiskey's and tequilas and she was well on her way to crazyland. She had never been to a club before, nor has she drank, so yeah pretty soon she was getting pretty touchy feely. The Maestro likes. After awhile I decided to go look for new prospects while FluxCap went back to her friends.
Scouting the club I found one wearing white top with half shoulder and black pants (typical asian outfit, but hey she had a hot body and the lighting hid her face pretty well so it was good). Eye contact was made and greenlights radiated all around her - first hurdle overcome. We danced a bit and began frontal grinding. After awhile she asks me "Do you know Dave?" I'm like WTF...who's Dave? I just pointed at random ppl and said "Well I know know him?" Turns out i actually pointed to a friend of mine who's also a friend of hers. Score more for the Maestro. I take her (lets call her FarmerJ - you'll know why later) for a drink upstairs - Tequila...I can't stand even the smell of it now but back then I downed bottles of it. We'll save the story where I got sick of Tequila for another time. We had a shot each and got her a Smirnoff We head back to the dance floor away from her friends and spent a good 15 mins grinding full frontale. We talked a bit as well and since we were in safe away from the gawking of her friends, we could do whatever we wanted. After awhile, she decided her friends would be worried and she went back. It is at this point that FluxCap appears out of NOwhere and grabs my ass and the scene is basically like this - one side we have FarmerJ and her friends and right behind is FluxCap. I'm juggling 2 girls already and today was my first night in trying to pick up. Maestro O.M.C.P is conducting 2 pieces at once. I actually taught Fluxcap how to grind too and she was pretty good. Fully tanked and wasted, she was groping me like a horny guy. Comments from FarmerJ's friends (yes i actually overheard them): "Is that his Girlfriend??" So I thought it was time to move back to FarmerJ - I sent Fluxcap back to her friends while I danced some more with pitch fork J. After more steamy dancing it was time for FarmerJ to leave with her friends.
I said "I had a great time, can I call you later?"
FarmerJ - "ohhh uhh....I forgot to mention - I have a boyfriend."
me: "Ohhhh that's totally cool, I'll see ya later then." WHY THE FU#@ was she dancing with me and all over me then? hmmmm I figured I can still work this cause she obviously isn't on the best terms with her bf.

So the night ends with me going nuts with 2 girls. What a way to begin the adventure. Well this may seem pg-13...look for XXX stories in my subsequent posts.
Anyhow, I got FarmerJ's contact through a friend and we hit it off. She broke off with her bf for me and we went out for about 2 months. Driving to her house was the biggest bitch ever...she lived on a FARM - hence the name...the End of the freeway PLUS MORE. I pull up to her house and I see 3 Jeep/PIckup Trucks. I mean she really took it literally when she used a pickup truck to pick me up from my house. I was the innocent little boy back then and she taught me a lot of the basics. She was a year older and had a bf before so she kinda worked me in.
I remember our first kiss - in her pickup truck after a night of movie and dinner. I was too shy to lean over and she just leaned over - i felt like i was in heaven. Her lips were so sweet and soft - But my jaws were locked and I didn't know how to move them. THe next couple of times I got better - with some tongue action going as well. Maestro is learning. FarmerJ had the model body but her face needed some major plastic surgery. Am I demeaning? I think not - I just state the utter truth, and yes the truth is demeaning sometimes. But I was happy. She was good to me and I was good to her. Things started to change when we lived in different cities though and her attention waned during phone calls and such. I was hurt - she didn't take me seriously. So it was time to move on - I mean she even said "Yeah club relationships don't worry work out" well not serious ones anyway.

I dumped her over ICQ because I was still a little anti-social and my respect for her went down the drain. Am I corrupt? Ah well.

FarmerJ, I hope your vegetables turn out great for the supermarket. Sorry I couldn't be there to inherit your vast acres of farmland, but you can still give it to me :)
I haven't heard from her since - she blocked me and disappeared from school. Although I saw her 2 close friends a few times on campus....wonder what she's doing?
As for FluxCap, it'll be in another story.

And so ends Maestro OMCP's First Love. Yes no BBB (sex). No BJ. No HJ. I didn't even touch her tits. I do not rock. Yet.


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Whatever happened to FluxCap? Was she your second love?

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