Thursday, December 02, 2004

Maestro and Trekki: There is such a thing as Fate.

I had met Trekki through my ex, Mary, who was friends with Seth and his buddies too. When I first saw her, I noticed something familiar and when she mentioned her name, I at once think back to when I was a little boy.
[Back when I was around 10 or 11, our parents would send us to day camps for the summers cause you know how kids can wreak havoc if left alone in the house for too long. It is here that I meet my first crush, and yes you guessed it: Trekki. She was quite the popular girl back at camp (I think she was 9 or so.) and it was me and this other guy Dave that she found attractive. I remember one day, I piggybacked her all the way from the park back to the main camp. She giggled and said that was the most fun she ever had there. I felt like I was in heaven.

Now there were these 2 twin girls that she hung around with, Mello and Jello who were just as cute as Trekki was. If I remember correctly, Trekki had a round baby face, sparkling eyes and the cutest smile. Ah, the care-free and BBB-free days of childhood. I was quite disappointed when Trekki didn't show up the next year at camp. The only reason I wanted to go back to that same camp was so that I would see her again (the thought that getting her number didn't click in until 10 years later). However, I see the 2 twins and I ask them straight out "Where's TREKKI?" They said she went back to HK. My heart is crushed. I will never see Trekki again. My first puppy love has left me.]

Back to the present, I didn't know that Trekki was the same girl I met back when I was a young handsome and cute boy. I thought she was, but when I was asked her if she went to day camp she said no. So I dropped the subject from then on and we became close friends. We shared similar interests as she loved Star Trek, Anime and music as well. At the clubs, we would also flirt a lot and she always wanted to take me up on a 'private' dance lesson - me teaching her of course. Turned out Trekki was not the cute innocent happy girl she was back then. Trekki was the biggest slut/whore that I know, besides TheNative. She was the female version of the me that is now. I had just ended a short relationship with Leslie, when Trekki seeing the oppurtuniy asked me to goto a semi-formal with her. How can I not say no. Seth was going too with his GF and I was in for a great party. Before the day, we flirt to the point of cyber, but not actually cyber. Some lines include:
Trekki: When are you going to play the piano for me?
me: hey, i'm always free baby
Trekki: I've always wanted to bang on the keyboard.
[Trekki had been BBB this guy who was a friend of mine, Trix, but real stuck up and weird. I remember setting him up with Bearie one time cause she thought he looked like a famous singer. She tells me now she doesn't fucking look at all like that singer. You can guess how the dates turned out. Bearie thought Trix was a big loser. The kind of loser that arrives at someone's house and sits there for 3 hours saying ABSOLUTELY nothing to their date. Talk about WEIRD. How he fucked Trekki is beyond me. The guy could not for the life of him pickup anything remotely resembling a woman. No, I'm not bitter that Trekki didn't BBB me. Back then I was the innocent little virgin angelic boy that did not find casual sex to be my cup of tea. CAN you believe I just said that? Trekki also told me she broke up with her 3yr bf, who in the span of 3 years, did not do anything sexual beyond kissing of the lips. Maybe that's why Trekki became such a whore. Or the guy was absolutely revolting.

6pm rolls around and a yellow cheesewagon picks us all up to goto this joint. Trekki mentions why I broke up with Leslie and when I told her that I wanted someone new and I wasn't ready for something serious her attacks came on stronger. She showed off her kickass camera that was more probably expensive than the bus we were riding on. I clicked a few shots of her posing, trying to limit the amount of bus background cause it was just so disgusting. She wore a beautiful black dress with no straps - It was HOT.

6:30pm We take the usual pictures and eat dinner. Guess who I see at the same semi-formal - MARY. She had on a purple sparkly dress and with her hair done up was by far the hottest I've seen her. Seth totally agrees with me and said if you stayed with her you would've gotten to BBB that hotness right now. Fuck. The price you pay for non-commitment.
Anyhow, although she looked damn hot and beautiful, she carried a look of misery that anyone would've cried if you looked at her face long enough. She was not having a good time. WHY? BECAUSE THE guy who broke up with her after 2 weeks of dating was THERE - hint: ME. I surprise myself that I can cause so much pain to someone with my mere presence. Sigh. I think Trekki sees this too and begins to feel sorry for Mary. NOOOOOOOO!!! Feel sorry for ME!!! Anyway, we dance and Trekki has kept a certain distance from me. I can tell that she didn't want to hurt Mary anymore because it was TREKKI's fault that Mary is upset. Not mine. However way you want to look at it, Trekki was the one that asked me to this semi knowing FULL WELL that Mary was going to be there and knowing FULL WELL that I broke Mary's heart after 2 weeks. I didn't think it was possible, but I did. My bad.
I didn't understand what Trekki wanted to pull, but from that day forward Mary and Mary'sHotFriend and Seth's GF hated her with a passion. Don't you just love hatred?

It was here that the president of the faculty club made speeches and then proceeded to play Sonata in C by Mozart so horrifically I wanted to club him on the spot. Luckily for me it stopped abrubtly, the lights turned off and somebody REALLY killed him. THANK GOD. Well, they didn't REALLY kill him, but it turned out to be some murder mystery we were all supposed to solve. I couldn't give a fuck about these losers. The food comes: chicken, potatoes and carrots - Nothing short of SHIT that came out of the residence caf itself. Good thing Trekki paid for me, I certainly wouldn't have paid a single dime for this. At this point, I really wanted to dance with Trekki. Seeing these slew of events pass made me quite disgusted and I needed some relief right away.

After some more dancing, I return to the table with Seth, Trekki and a bunch of others. The fact that she resembled the crush I had when I was 10 bothered me to the point of meltdown. I had to make damn sure. I was almost sure. So I asked again:

Me: So are you sure you didn't goto some sort of day camp back when you were small?
Trekki: Ohh actually I did and I went with these 2 {we say this together) TWINS
She names one. and I name the other. Maestro literally falls OFF his chair from the shock. Trekki had this OMG look on her face for like a minute. Everyone else at the table had the WTF look on their faces. I pick myself up from the ground and was speechless. I have FOUND MY first crush! My life is complete. Fate has answered my innermost desires. Although Fate also decide to kick me in the ass since everytime I expressed interest in Trekki, she was going out with some other guy. At the time, I was more about temporary emotional attachment then about BBB. If I'm analyzing myself back then correctly, I would say that I wanted intimate companionship with someone that shares similar interests and has a set of breasts and vagina. I was not at the point of "BBB every girl I see." Perhaps my love for someone wavers quite erraticly and dies down extremely quickly back then. Nevertheless, I had feelings for Trekki and so did she. Just turned out timing was off. Fate brings us back together and then fucks me over by never letting me have her.

The night ends with both me and Trekki still shocked.

I remember the few parties that we went to were quite fun. Here's a sample of one:

Trekki had brought her bf over to one of our weekly house parties. After getting quite tanked, she goes into a room and fixes her hair. She opens the door and says "Maestro, come in for a sec, I want to tell you something."
I go inside [her bf is WITHIN a foot OUTSIDE chatting with my other friends.] and we make out like we were deprived of oxygen for 3 days. Hands are flying and groping everywhere else - I forget how long we were in there for, but after it was done. She fixes her hair, asks me if she looks fine and she goes back outside to her bf.
I couldn't keep a straight face when I went back outside. Her Bf looks at me and smiles and says, Hey man, have some more beer!! and proceeds to pour me a glass. I almost burst out laughing cause he's dating the biggest WHORE in the universe.

Several more of these mini-sessions took place - some of which ended abruptly because someone would walk in on us OR she felt it wasn't right cause she was going out with some OTHER guy [fyi, she switched bfs every few months or so]
Anyways, she left school and I haven't seen her since. Well now that you know what i'm like now. Come back and BBB me. NOW. We still haven't Banged on the keyboard yet.


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