Friday, December 03, 2004

Maestro has Tings with FHDoll

Thurs. March 22,2001.
That afternoon, I had played some major basketball for around 3 hours, winning 11 straight games with my team. There was this guy, HanSuckASS, who was playing basketball so dirty, the streetballers would kick him out. I had the luxury of guarding this piece of ass. I had ACCIDENTALLY swiped him with my hand and scratched him with my fingers while going for the ball.

HanSuckASS: Watch your fingers (his voice was literally helium high like someone squeezed seran wrap around his throat.)
Me: (I was pretty pissed off at his abominable style of play - it was not basketball.) Watch your Fucking body! (I can't believe I said that ahahah) Learn to be play some real basketball!!

HanSuckASS wants to start a nuclear war with me at this point and proceeds to charge at me with everything he had. Luckily he's Iraq and I'm the United States - One of his missiles fired so weak, I launched it back to his hole in the ground. I've had enough of this. His team loses and leaves. "GET THE FUCK OUT". When we cooled down, he came and shook hands - I guess we just lost it in the intensity of his SUCKASS playing.

After the intense playing I had this sharp pain down in my right calf...I look and see my vein bulged out on the Entire calf area. I mean if someone stuck a needle into it, you'll get shot in the eye with blood. Disgusting? Yes I know I am. At the doc's, he goes on to say that my vein is TENDER. I have a tender vein. I'm like "How do I harden it up again?" It felt like my vein was a limp ass dick that need some major stroking from the hot nurse down the hall. I told him I did try rubbing it. He said that I need to rest off for a bit and I overexerted my blood vessels. I tend to do that a lot. HAHAHAAHH

FHdoll picked me up from my residence (I had no car back then, but thanks for all those who gave me rides. She also told me to buy some food to bring over cause i'll be needing it.) and it was time to smoke-up for the very first time. FHDoll had been a chronic regular as I sat at her place watching her roll that dark-greenish weed into 2 cigarette papers. It came out pretty fat...maybe 3cm in diameter? Anyhow, she teaches me how to puff and hold and puff lots more. I copied her every gesture - she would inhale the weed in small amounts but do it 5-6 times, all the while keeping it in her lungs until 30 seconds later she exhaled it all out slowly. I do the same. Rather I TRIED to do the same. The first puff had me coughing my lungs out and I felt sick. She helped me to recover by giving me some water. I try again and it goes down more smoothly this time. Before I knew it I had smoked the entire FAT joint with her. I go back inside and look at the time: 6:15pm). She started talking funny and slower. I didn't feel ANYTHING, although she told me that my speech was "slower and stuff". It seemed like an eternity has passed and I ask her, shouldn't we be going to FH ? It's been a long time already. (Note, we usually goto FH around 9:30 - I literally thought 3 hours had passed when I look at the clock it said "6:45") So the next time you want to slow down time but feel like it's going super fast at the same time - smoke some herb. It got to a point whenever I closed my eyes I was going "Hyperspeed" like on star wars/star trek. I saw stars zooming past me inside my head. My body felt like it was moving so fast in the forward direction that when I opened my eyes I thought I would be on the other side of the room. FHDoll responds "Heheheheheh HEhehe ehe AHH AHE HEHEHE hehehe ehhEHEhe Ehheeh heh heh YOU"RE SO HIGH EHEHeh heheh HAHAHAH hehe ehee"
FHDoll: HEhe EHhee ehehHEhe hhehehe he

7pm - The infamous MUNCHIES sets in. We needed food. REAL BAD. Luckily FHDoll had been prepared, being such an experienced drug-user herself, and brought out submarine that I had bought earlier.
ME: Wherrrrre did you ggggget that??? I wantttt ittt. ahahh hhehehe
FHDoll: HEhHhehehe you brought it earlier silly! hEHEHehehehe
We each eat a half of the sub and I remember my first bite:
I chewed it so slowly "I cannn tasste EVerythinnnng onnn this subbb. THe mayonaaise tooo....ummm ohh the beeef....woww....i'veenever eaten likee this beforee. It's likke i haven't eaten forrr monThss." Again It seemed like an eternity has passed after we demolish the subs. I look at the time - 7:15pm. WTF, did i have some sort of a watch that stalled time? WAIT, it's the Weed Fucking with my head. The Maestro is liking it very much as he's experiencing distorted perception in time. "FHDoll, I'm doing this again next timeeee..hehehehehe" I love how weed makes everyone exceptionally GIDDY and GIGGLY. Everyone has fun, although I heard some people just sit there super quiet. Tha'ts NOT fun, it's fucking SCARY.
We watch TV for another hour or so and then decide we've passed our high enough to drive to FH.

9:30 or so we're inside FH and I'm still feeling the after-high effects (which essentially means I'm still zoned out/spaced out and pretty fucking high. See I don't make sense? Well what it felt like then.) Then I make a not-so-smart choice when I buy a mike's hard and down it pretty quick. [Being high and drunk at the same time is VERY bad - more dangerous and fucked up your body can ever be.]
Night plays out like this: FHDoll finds me amidst dancing and drags me for B52, Sex on the beach, a cigarette and then I find myself on the dance floor again. Trekki arrives and we exchange greetings. Greetings of a different planet....As we are exchanging, Seth's GF,Mary'shotfriend are looking with eyes so devilish and filled with hate that I felt I was pretty close to hell. Me and Trekki can only laugh at this. It's so funny how much someone can hate you.

The night goes on. FHDoll finds me for a polar bear shot and the good beats start to spin. Me and FHDoll got pretty excited as we're both HIGH AND DRUNK at the same time. See what is interesting is that when I'm drunk, time passes quicker than Superman can dodge a speeding bullet. I'm at the bar shit-pasted and when I go to the dance floor, the lights are fucking on. WTF???? I just GOT HERE. Now with weed, things are the opposite - you think 3 hours have gone by? when only 15 minutes passed. It's a very interesting feeling. So forget Einstein's relativity theory - you can TIME TRAVEL by being drunk and then high or vice versa. One would think that if you were BOTh at the SAME time, time would pass by normally? Well, it doesn't cause when you're BOTH at the same time you have NO perception of time, or anything else around you for that matter. So you're experiencing a complete paradox if you do both at the same time. Yeah drugs works wonders doesn't it?

The only thing I remember after that was me approaching this HOT chick. I danced very close to her and I don't remember what happened after. Somehow I got home. But the hot chick wasn't there beside when I woke up. Nor any of her personal affects. Did I bring her back to my place? Probably not. But it doesn't hurt to imagine I did.


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