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Maestro is invited to a house party by Bearie and Hinata: Hinata's True form is exposed!

May 16, 2001.
I had bumped into Bearie the day before after one of her math classes and she told me she's having a big party and wanted me to come. She said Hinata will pick me up after she's done work. Was I ever excited.

Hinata calls me at 9:10pm to get ready and SonarK (Hinata's friend) shows up 10 minutes later in a car. We needed to stock up some more liquor before heading there, but the damn place was closed. We got lost and needed to stop at a gas station for directions. Oh well. Hinata was damn hot - waving long brown/black hair, green top...I love green *droool....
The gas attendants are absolutely no use and by then one of Bearie's friends (who lives in the house we're going to party at) is running towards us. He gets in the car and guides us to his humble abode.

I was not surprised to see everyone already there half-pasted drunk, watching Erin Brockovich on a screen so small I couldn't even make out Julia Robert's tits (she apparently stuffed-up her bra pretty huge in that movie). Hinata gets right to business and starts cooking spring rolls for everyone. I popped open a Vex and munched on those kickass spring rolls. The fun began when Host cracks open a 40oz bottle of Bacardi Rum. Let the Games Begin.

Hinata was the expert here (absolute tank and can hold her alcohol like no other girl...well maybe TheNative haha). She laid out 6 empty glasses and brought out a single die. Each glass is numbered correspondingly from 1-6 and everyone takes a turn rolling the dice. If you roll a number and the cup is empty, you fill it up with whatever you please. If you roll a number of the cup that is filled with alcohol, you drink and ROLL AGAIN. Repeat the process until you've rolled a number of an empty cup. Pretty ruthless isn't it? Imagine all 6 cups are full and you're next to roll.

I realized how cruel and ruthless people are when they played this game. It started with beers in the glasses and after we all had a few, Hinata goes and fills an entire glass with pure rum. We're all like "WTF!" - I just wanted to see her drink her own punishment hahaha. This cup is #1 and guess who rolls a '1'? Yep. Do unto yourself what you wish to do to others. SonarK wouldn't let Hinata drink this since she was literally slurring every word and falling off her chair on every roll of the die. 2 guys pinned her down, while SonarK took the glass and chugged it like the man he wishes he was. Hinata loses it at this point, screaming and cursing like a schizophrenic high off cocaine. She would not stop until someone re-poured that drink and she took what was due - You gotta hand it to her, she was a stubborn bitch that was probably showed more courage and guts than any other guy there (yes even me.) To keep the party rolling, they succumb to her devilish demands and pour her glass half-full with rum. Hinata may be a screaming inebriated schizo-banshee, but she wasn't stupid. She roared "FILL THE FUCKING CUP ALL THE WAY YOU BITCH!"
I couldn't help but laugh as I saw her peons comply and pour her death wish. After she chugged it, and I mean CHUGGED the rum, she almost got K.O.'ed right there. Luckily, she was a warrior - actually she reminded me of Xena, Tall and hot.

The games continue, and I was feeling disappointed because the Maestro has not yet drank and is not drunk. Hinata poured me some special mixes (including half a glass of rum) - Hinata was cut-off from drinking after that crazy episode, but that didn't stop her from inflicting harm to those around her by pouring the most potent mixes of drinks possible.

I had reached a state of "pretty-high-buzz" and began to smoke with the fellow guys - which was a bad idea as it sent that "pretty-high-buzz" up to "feeling nauseous drunk". Everyone was in pretty bad shape at this point, so they moved on to "Truth or Dare". I don't recall how someone would be picked to play, but the Host got picked first. The rules are if you can't answer the question truthfully, you drink.

Hinata: "Arrrrre you a virrrrginnnn?"
Host: (grabs a shot and chugs it.)

SonarK gets picked. TWICE IN A ROW.

Hinata and Bearie: "What hand do you use to masturbate with???"
(SonarK is not feeling very well at this point since he put his life on the line drinking that glass of rum for Hinata. He didn't look like he can hold his alcohol very well as he's bright red and eyes are half-closed.)
SonarK: Whattt the fuckk kind of question issss that....(drinks a shot)

2nd time SonarK gets picked -
Hinata: Are you a virgin? (I guess we were all very immature at this point and not very comfortable with sex to be asking these questions. Most of the guys and girls were virgins, OBVIOUSLY not Hinata - what a WHORE. Did I mention she was hot too?)
SonarK: NO I'm not. (Hinata and Bearie cheer like they just won a hockey game, but Hinata is still not satisfied and proceeds to ask MORE questions even though it wasn't his turn anymore.)
Hinata: When was the last time you had sex? Masturbated? Today? Yesterday? Few hours ago? (She was like a wild dog that bit into an half-dead corpse and would not leg go even if a shotgun was fired at her face)

These questions were left unanswered and the night has come down to me getting picked.
Maestro: I thought I would never get picked.
Bearie: Too bad....Do you like me?
Maestro: Is that a question?
Bearie: Yes! Do you Like me?
(at this point, everyone is cracking up and I knew I was gonna get flailed on with insults left right and center.)
I smile at Bearie and chug a shot.
Luck is not smiling upon me when I get picked again:

SonarK had realized I had a thing for Hinata as well as Bearie - I guess he noticed my shameless staring at Hinata and sneaky flirting with Bearie.
SonarK: This is my question everyone...hahaha (evil sinister laugh)
WHO would you like to have sex with right now? Hinata? or Bearie?

I fell off my chair, the entire room roars with cheers at this question. The girls are giggling like little fairies. Hinata at this point was beside me lying down against me, kinda awake but still knew the Big Question was asked.
Bearie: I know!! it's HINATA, right Maestro? You want to have sex with Hinata right??
Hinata: FUCK YOU BITCH!! (I was laughing and feeling scared at the same time.) YOU DON"T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOU"RE TALKING ABOUT!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!

Hinata gets up and begins to slap Bearie - I grab a bag of chips and enjoy the show. Bearie starts laughing and swearing at Hinata, but before any more blows are exchanged, the boys promptly separate them. I put down the bag of chips. Show's over.

One of the guys took Bearie outside to cool off, SonarK went to his car to sober up, and I took care of Hinata and some other guy in the house. The other guy went to puke and I went outside to look for Bearie and SonarK. Bearie is still going insane, screaming and yelling, with this guy bearhugging her to prevent her from throwing herself at a fence. This guy brought Bearie to his car and since Bearie has no control over her muscular functions, opens the door so quick and powerful that it slams against SonarK's. OUCh.

I head back inside to check on Hinata and I see her lying on her back, semi-conscious. From my experience of drinking, I know it is very bad to be lying on your back when drunk. I try and get her to lie on her side and to rehydrate herself with water.

me: Hey Hinata, how's it going?
Hinata: *grunts..
me: you know what? You should lie on your side, otherwise you're going to wake up puking your guts out.
(I'm cracking up at this point and so are 2 other guys that were beside me.)

I grab a garbage can and place it beside her "you're gonna need this."
Hinata responds with more cursing and swearing. As I back away, she gets up and pukes. Right into the trashcan I just brought. I got some major props from those guys, "Wow man, you're good. - Nice going, that would've been a mess to clean up."
I smile and said I had experience with drunks - being one myself, Many many times. I was not happy the fact that Bearie's Bearhug friend was totally handling Bearie the wrong way. My job was done. Fun was had. Time to go home.

I hitch a ride with Bearie's Bearhugging friend and this is when the alcohol hit me head on. I guess I can remain sober enough to take care of others, but when the job is done, my body remembered that I'm supposed to be pissed drunk too and slams it in my face. I stumbled into my room, tried to drink water and ate some cup noodles. No use. I puke so much - mostly pure alcohol cause I didn't eat much before heading to the party. This was duly noted for my next experiences drinking - EAT before drink.

Girl(s) of the Night: HINATA!! and Bearie too
Drink of the Night: #1 Rum.
Rating: 85/100 - Seeing Hinata and Bearie catfight was quite entertaining.

I'm so drunk at this point, that I'm sweating profusely and did not want to answer any of Hinata's questions. At the same time, I could not stop staring at her - she was 10 times hotter than before. This was when I realized there is such a thing as beer goggles. Nevertheless, she was hot even when I was drunk.


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