Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Maestro meets the BrickWall: Part 2

As I said earlier, I missed BrickWall and so I get back together with her. Now this did not come easily, since she was very informed about my reputation through her friends. During previous nights at the infamous FH club, Seth had pulled BrickWall for a 1 on 1 talk. He told her how I was still a virgin - THANKS A LOT SETH - and that I really did miss her and everything. This continued on for about a week and finally she agreed to start "seeing me". I was very happy and decided to visit her at her campus every week.

Things went quite well, her friends were starting to accept me again and I felt that I no longer needed to The Maestro - like that's ever gonna happen. We planned a trip to visit Jusher and Ranch in a city a couple hours away for a weekend.

We arrive Friday night looking for Ranch's place. We could not for the life of us find the number. I think it was 580 and a half. I didn't believe this number was possible for a place of a residence (other than in the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie where Michaelangelo orders a pizza at some number and a quarter 34 1/4.) We finally find the place - a tiny stairwell leading up to several apartments that was in between Zellars and some other place. Ranch was nice enough to let me and BrickWall stay over. Me and BrickWall had previously discussed having some BBB since we were in love and both virgins. I guess it wasn't going to happen at Ranch's place of course hahaha. But before we slept, Jusher had called us to goto a house party.

Let me tell you that this house party was nothing I had ever experienced. It was a 3 floor apartment with an open bar/dj in the main floor and chilling areas in the others. I noticed many many hot girls there (I guess our campus really lucked out and got all the geeky girls). Jusher's good friend who hosted the party introduced us to some nice ladies - all the while BrickWall is holding my hand tight cause she wanted all those girls to know I was taken - tied down. I didn't feel that comfortable with that - I guess I wasn't in love???? Anyhow, we drank a TON of alcohol that night. So much so that Ranch, Jusher, BrickWall and I were scrambling downtown to find food. Everything looked so weird. Maybe because I had half a spliff after the party too. We eat some pizza and crash back at Ranch's place.

The next morning, Ranch busted out a kickass breakfast - sausage and eggs - and after enjoying this meal, we head out for a tour of his campus. It look pretty nice - I have no better words to describe it haha. This tour lasted about 30 mins before we had to meet up with Jusher to watch Blade II. The movie was not bad; I was thoroughly impressed with the special effects. Unfortunately, after the movie was over, BrickWall and I had to return back to our hometown.

The bus ticket cost almost $50 for the both us, but it was well worth a good party and quality time spent with BrickWall. During the bus ride, we tried to make out as much as possible.
We arrive 4 hours later, where Seth so kindly picked us up to goto his friend, Bubbles' bday party. Now Bubbles was about the same height as BrickWall, 5'1, but knew how to dress like a skank and act like one too. My various sources have told me she is the absolute whore in bed - Leslie lived in the same house as Bubbles one term and she told me Bubbles and her bf fucked everyday several times. So much so that she could not concentrate on her work at all. To summarize, Bubbles is a real flirt and will do anything to get her way. She strings many guys along and will never fail to seduce one and then dump him face first into a pile of shit.

We arrive at this party only to be truly disappointed. I wanted to leave as soon as i stepped in - actually I never wanted to see Bubbles in the first place, Seth decided be the nice guy and attend her party. I think she was one of those popular girls that invite people to their party even though all of those people hate her secretly but don't show it. It's one of those things. She is so fake. And the last thing I do is to be fake with her.

I didn't even stay to have a drink, we leave after 10 mins and BrickWall decided to stay at my house since her place was on the other side of town. Now this normally wouldn't have been a problem, but this home was not campus home, but real home with parents. Here's what happened:

Me: Hi Mom, BrickWall's gonna stay over tonight
Mom: ooh Hi BrickWall....(motions me to come up as she wants to talk to me alone)
Mom: You have to sleep in different rooms
Me: But Why??? I'll just sleep on a sleeping bag and she'll have my bed
Mom: nonono, Not in my house ok? (she basically didn't want me to BBB BrickWall with her there)

So i get shafted, but I guess I expected it coming from parents and all, which is why I have to move out as soon as possible. So we sleep in different rooms.

I wake up at 7am and sneak over to her room. Fooled around for a long time - but no BBB. I told her that the next time I see her, it'll be BBB time. (Sometimes I don't believe the words that come out of my mouth).

A week later is Easter Weekend. I decided to spend the weekend at her place. Now Good Friday means fasting - eat 1 full meal that day only. It also means abstaining from meat for the entire day. I don't understand the logic, but the whole point of fasting is to put yourself in a mental preparatory state. Me and BrickWall had 1 meal that day - Red Lobster. Full Ultimate feast with Clam Chowder, salad, mussels, crab legs, lobster tail, garlic shrimp, jumbo fried shrimp, potato and salmon.
After that meal, we went back to her condo. The lobby was more grandiose than a 6 star hotel...I've never seen anything like it. Marble Archways, chandeliers, bellboys and fountains - magnificent. Then it clicked - BrickWall lives here? I wonder what her place would like if the lobby's like this!! But alas, all the food had to go somewhere, and at that moment it needed to go OUT. Of. My ASS. So I tell BrickWall this and she says "You're not going at my place.." I tell her I knew that, and went forth in search of a lobby washroom.

I find the men's room and open the gold plated doors. To my left is a marble sink, with faucets fit for a king. The bathroom stalls were up ahead and each had its own maple-finish wooden door. I open this door to see that each stall is actually a separate room. I could literally fit a queen size bed and a treadmill in there beside the porcelein toilet. I take a seat and felt like I was King Maestro taking a massive shit. Maybe I've gotten too used to dirty washrooms and never lived a spoiled life.

30 mins must've passed in that washroom. I dreamed that hot maids in lingerie would come and wipe my ass too. Sadly, that didn't happen as I cycle through the 3ply Royal bathroom tissue and clean myself up. Everything was automatic, from the soup dispenser to the faucets to the paper towel dispenser. I walked out feeling more refreshed than an 8 hour sleep. The first thing BrickWall says "What the HELL were you doing in there???? Are you ok? How's your stomach?"
I had to assure her that I was so mesmerized by the bathroom architecture, that I fell into a trance. I tell her this after "if the bathrooms are like that, I might die if I saw your place."

We enter the elevator, and I'm guessing that she lived maybe the 10th floor or so, but alas, I am proved wrong as she pulls out a special key card that allows access to the penthouse. THE FRIGGIN PENTHOUSE - I'm GOING TO STAY at the PENTHOUSE SUITE 28th floor????.
As I'm calming down from the excitement, she opens the door to her apartment and it was huge. Humongous living room/dining room, a balcony that still freaks me out everytime I think about it (It's so FUCKING HIGH UP) 2 bedrooms and a washroom similar to the one I took my Kingly shit in.

We get settled down as I had brought over some movies (Zoolander and A.I.) We watched A.I. first - as I had already seen the movie, I wandered about trying to pass the time. Near the end, BrickWall was in tears cause it was so sad - although I don't remember myself crying - but then again, I didn't really have emotions back then. After the movie was over, I brought out my surprise - half a joint left over from the trip last week. We go outside to the balcony and smoke it. She had never smoked weed before but since a lot of her friends at boarding school (YES BOARDING SCHOOL) smoked, she decided to give it a try. 20 mins later, we were on her couch, more hornier than 2 rhinoceroses in heat. I guess weed does that to you. I mean I was so hard that I could have poked a hole in a wall if I tried....but I'm getting ahead of myself.

We're literally ripping each other's clothes off when she said to move into her bedroom cause there might be peepers with telescopes. I carry her with my muscular arms into her room and continue. I ruffle through my bags during this and take out a condom - my first ever that i will use. Those Dons did a good job of teaching us inexperienced frosh how to use a rubber. I followed their exact instructions and lo and behold - my dick has a hoodie. She was soaking wet down there, and I'm licking it as she's screaming louder than a banshee. She was enjoying herself and so was I. I get ready to launch my submarine, but for some reason it doesn't go in. She's screaming in pain as I try to go in as slow as possible, but I didn't understand. She was closed up - vagina is blocked. I couldn't believe this - I could hardly stick my pinky in there. I try for around 20 mins or more, when everything just dried up - her pink swat, my condom, my mouth cause a) I tried to wet her with all my saliva b) I got dry mouth from the friggin weed.

This attempt fails once again when I took out a 2nd condom. My submarine has met a brickwall - hence the name. So we performed oral all night. If you want to feel super horny, just do weed. Seriously, I must've cummed at least 6 times that night, or more...I don't even remember ...and in various ways - oral, hand...anything BUT VAGINAL INTERCOURSE. Throughout the night, I would wake up and try again - only to fail miserably. As you can see, my ego took a big hit after this experience. When I told Seth about this, he could only laugh - but I didn't believe that the Maestro is lacking skills in this department. And indeed he did not ;). I must've spent half a box of rubbers and I realized that the problem wasn't ME, but her...well indirectly it was me for not calming her enough? I don't know, but anyway it was her frigging fault that I did not get any BBB. She had a condition called vaginismus, which basically the vagina shuts in so tight that it literally fells like a wall and nothing can enter. THANKS.

These frustrations will continue to increase as I am never successful in getting it in. There was one time I was halfway in, but other than that I hit a brick wall every time. That coupled with the incessant clinginess and annoying character made me break up once and for all with her. She was upset, but I could not deal with it. Yes I am irresponsible, I know - but what would you have done? BBB. DTB.

You would expect more from the BrickWall story, but other than cut-eye and evil looks to my Angels and me, I have ceased contact once and for all.


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