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Maestro meets Leslie: Part 2 - My eye, the goggles do nothing....

Wed. Feb. 7, 2001.
It was one of those special events at FH, and as usual, I am pumped up for a great party. I meet up with Turf and his GF at the cafe and bump into Jlo before heading towards FH. I begin my usual flirting and meanwhile her friend Bob is making fun of her. I ignore this obnoxious loser as I know he has less of a chance with Jlo than a monkey with lepracy. I would've knocked this guys face in if he wasn't Jlo's friend, but I'm nice and non-violent so I don't hit people. I was unsuccessful in persuading her to come to the club with me (I had forgotten I was supposed to meet up with Leslie LOL) and just said how it would be so much more fun with her there. She smiled. Bitch.
We get to FH around 10:00pm and it was dead. I mean there must've been a group of 5 people sitting at a table and everyone else was either a bouncer or a bartender. Since the club didn't allow in-out priveleges, I needed to pass the time as quick as possible and as drunk as possible. I quickly order 4 Mike's Hards and a rum-coke. Things picked up as I saw me good buddy 'Seth' and we had another drink 'Long Island Iced Tea' and a smoke. [I no longer drink Long island iced teas now. I do not know WHY I decided to drink it then....don't ask] I chugged the drinks very fast. Girls started to arrive, and looked pretty decent. After awhile, Leslie walks in - she took my advice the last time and improved SLIGHTLY her dress code. Orange tanktop, jeans - actually it was ass-ugly, but easily accessible so I give props. Note that this was one of those special events at FH and throughout the night, slow dances were inserted. It took 4 slow dances before I finally danced with Leslie, haha.
1st dance - no one
2nd dance - My FH buddy - FHdoll [I always see FHdoll everytime, and we have the greatest times together. She was a great friend and she introduced me to our first session of the herb - Story to be told. Good times that will not be forgotten. Our favorite shot - Crispy Crunch.]
3rd dance - Bearie - 5'7 girl with smooth skin, a slightly long face, but yet pretty..her body is slender but everything is average. Still hot by my standards (you might've guessed my standards are pretty fucking low by now.)
4th dance - last of the set - Hinata - 5'9 , yeah she was TALL, and damn HOT too. She hugged me pretty tight during this set....hmmm...yeah you guessed it - there's a story with this one too. Did i mention she was hot?
After the last set, I take Hinata and Bearie to the bar for a shot of sex on the beach. Going back to the dance floor I see 2 other girls (damn there's so many people that i see I don't what names to give them. I'll just name the important ones.) Grab some shots with them, and see Trekki, and Mary'sHotFriend and her New BF (who btw is NOT RK who made out last time - RK is NOT happy about this although he still claims that he slept with her.) There is an interesting story with Trekki - now you understand why I have this recorded? There's an interesting story with EVERY FUCKING GIRL I MEET.....anyway.

Dancing continues, more Mike's Hards, danced with Leslie and got envious eyes by PrettyGirl (yet another friend but she's damn pretty...innocent and pretty...the loveliest eyes I've ever seen on a girl). The last slow song ended with Leslie trying to hurt me by dancing with another girl instead of me. NICE TRY, hurting me takes a lot more than that. I just stood there and laughed inside my head, thinking, I'm enjoying this lesbian show - thanks Leslie.

Back at Leslie's lounge, we talked. YES TALKED about stuff. I don't remember what we TALKED about, but it says here in my records "IT was Nice. She sat on me."
It was at this point I had MAJOR stomach cramps. So much gas that my stomach was going to explode. I run to the bathroom, and she waited. It's come to the conclusion that I am drunk and needed food. She takes me to her room and gets me a cup noodles. I almost eat it raw because I was insane at this point, but she grabbed it from me and started boiling the water. So while the water is boiling, she turns on the TV and DIGIMON is playing. GREAT. I grab and proceed to make-out, more intense than the first night. But what I couldn't resist were those scrumptuous round mounds of milkyfat. They were big. C cup big. That's HUmongous for an asian. So if someone puts a cake in front of you, you gotta grab it right?

9:30am I leave the lounge after giving her a goodbye kiss. Got home and didn't feel like sleeping and I message PrettyGirl and see what she's up to. Asked her out to lunch and she agreed. Meet her at the library caf and we have a good time. I was mesmerized by her beauty. She smiled at me, and laughed at my jokes. I would say a successful date. After dropping her off at the library, I go to the lab and print my programming assignment when I bump into Jlo. Can you believe this? I can't seem to go anywhere without seeing a girl. I follow Jlo to her lab and sit beside her while she dumbfoundedly tried to program. She was literally the biggest computer idiot ever, I don't know what she was doing, but she pretended like she knew how to program or something. I'm not really attracted to dumb girls, but I do give her credit for trying to LOOK smart. I move to another computer and check my job interview status (I was applying for coop jobs at this point) and i realized I missed an interview at 8:30 that morning. I look at my watch - 3:15pm. HOLY SHIT. At this school, missing an interview is a pretty serious crime - you could lose your priveleges of coop and i didn't want to be a homeless bum playing the keyboard at the corner of finch and yonge subway. Jlo tells me to "Run. Run quickly, and tell them to sort it out for you, I've missed interviews before....dont worry " WOW. Do you forget to wipe your ass after taking a crap too? The fact that she said interview in the pluralistic sense told me that she indeed had mental problems. I managed to get my interview scheduled to 3:45pm (Phew.) Turns out it was the DUMBEST interview EVER - I don't know what happened, but it was a complete waste of time cause that job was shit. I didn't record what it was, but all I remember was that fate made me miss this interview for a reason. I get home at 4:30 and sleep until 8:30pm. I wake up and have dinner with Turf and I bump into Jlo AGAIN!!Anyways I didn't have much to say to her after that episode of DUMBness. She asked me about my interview and i said it was a waste of time. Seth calls me up and we goto dinner AGAIN with Trekki, Seth's GF and Seth. This is usual thursday night now and Trekki is coaxing me to goto FH. WTF why waste your charm on telling me to go to something I'm for sure going anyway!! Save it for when you're back at my place.

11:00pm enter FH and I scouted with Seth from the 2nd floor balcony for potentials. Saw this hot underage Asian chick (you can tell they're not legal cause the club puts these X's on their hands and ties an orange band around their wrist) But 18 is still legal age for BBB or was it 16?lol. I approached her on the dance floor but didn't move in for the kill. We danced a bit, but no words were exchanged and I noticed she wasn't hot at all. I leave and chug a mike's hard. I see Trekki and chug another MIke's hard. At this point, the hot underage asian chick is hot, and I approach once more, but then I left WHAT AM I DOING??

Moments later, PrettyGirl enters the club, and I instantly notice and approach her. Turns out she doesn't drink alcohol, which is a REAL turnoff for me hAHAHA. So I go back to Trekki. The night basically consists of me alternating between Trekki and PrettyGirl. I had a comment from one of my friends while I was dancing with PrettyGirl "Yo...she's DAMN fine man, good job." I do not need to respond. haha.
Had 2 sex on the beach shots with Trekki, a kamikaze and more mike's hard. I'm still not drunk. And here it is...I'm reading this straight out of the book "Then this guy tells me to go up on stage with him to dance." THIS is where the story of "Maestro gets advances - From a Guy" occurs.

It's funny how at the end of every entry I have this to say -
Girl of the Night: Trekki and PretyGirl
Drink of the Night: Sex on the beach
Rating: 84/100

So what happened to Leslie? Well the next week we went out again to FH
Thurs. Feb 15, 2001.
'It's been another week and since yesterday (wed feb 14) I'm no longer single' Apprently I hit it off with Leslie on Valentine's day, finally - No I didn't sleep with her, yet. Meanwhile, Mary has been spreading my filth to every living soul known to her - well FUCK her.
Anyway, Leslie didn't feel like going to FH with me and Seth, so me and Seth just went alone. AND STILL we went to go mack on chicks. Is it morally wrong to do this? I guess not. Apparently all my morals and values have gone out into the eternal fires of hell. Is it wrong to mack on other girls when you're going out exclusively with one. YES? Not if you treat the girls you mack nothing more than a dirty magazine. Anyway, the night ends pretty dry as neither me nor Seth were able to pick up any girls. I guess it was harder since everyone knew everyone. But get this: If people knew about our reputation then there must be girls who only want to have fun with us Right? Let those girls come, we'll show them a good time. Long term relationships? Fuck it.

The next few weeks consisted of Leslie coming over to my room a lot and staying over. We fooled around but at the time, I was still a virgin and sex was valuable to me (you must be thinking, who the fuck is this guy kidding?). Anyway, I wanted it to be with someone special and someone I loved (who knew I would turn out to be such a manwhore???). So I waited, and while I waited - Mr. Disrupting Sceptre met the lovely palms of Leslie, many many many many times. She sucked ass at first - seriously my penis was almost half chaffed and grinded dry when I stopped her and did it myself. After some good lessons, and diligent practice - she was a major pro at this. I mean her C cup goodness was enough to make me come on the spot and several times I got it all over them mountains of goodness. One time, she was on her back and i was on top and she was jerking it so hard that I shot myself in the eye. WHAT THE FUCK...between my erect penis and my eye is about a good 2-3 feet? I'm not shitting went straight into my right eye. It stung like fucking eye was burning up...I could only see 1 of her tits....shit this is not good, what if i get blinded by my own ejaculate? I can never live life again. But then I remembered those porn flicks where girls get shot in the eye all the time, I guess it's like swimming - Remember those first few times, the chlorine burned your eyes so bad and then later on you can open your eyes in the water for hours and not get burned? Well same shit with cum. Get enough in your eye and you'll develop defense against it. I for one have not had cum shot into my eye and hence the outrageous reaction I got from this. I intend to make this my first and last cumshot in the eye of my life. As for Leslie, hehehe. So we get dressed and I goto the bathroom to wash it out. My right eye is bloodshot and it still stung. Oh well, I guess she had to be pretty damn good with her hands to get me to shoot into my own eye. I had a retinal detachment in that same eye a year later - did the cum seep through my socket and melt away part of the retinal fibers? SIGH, I guess I pay dearly for my actions. THANKS.

I broke up with Leslie after a month cause I "no longer had any feelings for her." I'm such an ass. Why didn't I realize earlier that I could just find girls who only want fun and not ruin their hearts. Well I guess I had to learn the hard way. SORRY.


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