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Maestro meets Leslie: Part 3 - Maestro is Deflowered and Lied to

After dating BrickWall for 5 months, I could stand it no longer and had to break it off. During this time, I had been in contact with Leslie and thought about going back to her. I had heard from her friend that she had broken up with the guy she was seeing, BackStab, and was pretty upset. I took this golden oppurtunity to make my move. I started seeing her again, treating her to dinners, taking her out to shows, inviting her to my concert performances etc etc. She was the happy and fun-loving Leslie she once was. I had sincerely apologized to her for my behaviour in dumping her twice before and I was actually serious this time. Here's how it all began, on my bday:

Sept. 18, 2002
Seth had decided to be my DD, being the great bro he is, and we were off to FH for one of those HK jams. As usual it was an hour long drive and we talked about who I really wanted to date. I told him I missed Leslie but I also miss the fun being single - ie. having fun with Angels. Seth had also brought along some herbs for our enjoyment.

We arrive at around 9pm at the Angels' place to see if they wanted to join us, but they were too busy with assignments and crap and even though it was my bday, they couldn't make it. Seth waited outside while I went in. I knew they weren't going to come anyway, so I chilled in Drew's room for most of the time, helping her with her music assignment. After helping her, I decided to roll up the joint in her room and asked Drew if she wanted to have a session with us after. She obviously said no and I promptly left their house, with Cameron giving me a lollipop for my bday - ooooo how sweet. I called Turf on the way out and waited for him in the parking lot with Seth. When he arrived 10 mins later, we lit up and had the high of our lives. So baked. Good thing I wasn't driving. We figured it would be a good time to head over to the club.

10:30 we step inside to a half-empty FH. Not many hot girls, but a lot of young punks that looked like they should still be in elementary school sucking their mom's tit. I couldn't believe that these kids were 3 years younger - we certainly didn't look like this back then...did we? In the midst of my contemplating calling these kids' parents, I was approached by 5 girls from accounting - I had known them since 3 years ago and they all wished me a warm happy bday. Time for drinks. They buy me a shot of polar bear and I bought myself a smirnoff ice. I chat with 1 of them (Madeleine's friend, Polly, but Madeleine wasn't there) and make fun of the little toddlers running around this place.

10 minutes later, I see my Sorority Sisters (see Maestro Parties with Sorority BMV) and Leslie and her friends followed soon after. Leslie was wearing a sparkly low cut top that showed off her c-cup cleavage. Moving down, I see a short black skirt that made almost made me topple over. I had never seen her wear ANYTHING like this - the last time I saw her at a club she wore a yellow t-shirt and jeans...UGH. I was in visual shock. Anyway, they buy me a tequila shot and we all drink - Leslie had no clue how to take tequila so I taught her and offered to lick her hand, although she refused. I get 2 more smirnoff's for myself and by this time I was high and semi-buzzed. Let me reiterate that being drunk and high at the same time is the quickest way to a good time as well as losing most of your memory of the night. So what better way to achieve this other than to chug both of these 7% vodka mixers as soon as they're in my hand. This turned out to be a bad idea since everything started spinning quicker and moving faster, but time seemed like it stood still (read Tings with FHDoll). It was at this point that I went crazy on the dance floor and anything after that I did not remember. All I remember was bits and pieces of what happened AFTER we left the club. What I say below is mostly testimonies of Leslie and Seth and some other friends.

Apparently, I had danced with 3 other girls and choo-chooed along the grind train with them and Seth. Leslie was not too happy about this, but she was pretty drunk and wanted a good time as well. Throughout the night, slow dances were played and during one such set, Leslie and I had a very deep conversation about our relationship (mind you I had no recollection of this whatsoever, but Leslie called me the next day and told me what happened.) Leslie talked about how Backstab, the guy she dated for a year, was 10 times worse than me. I didn't think there were any guys worse than me, but then again I'm not a bad person, I'm just blinded to the right choices. Anyhow, this infuriated me to the point where I wanted to call Seth and leave to pummel Backstab's ass at his house. Leslie managed to calm me down and continue talking - she's really good at this, I don't know how I can maintain conversations this long with her. She told me about feelings and how relationships aren't totally based on feeling, but rather 2 people sharing good times and bad - I felt like I was reciting wedding vows in a But at the time, I had strong feelings for Leslie and listened to everything she said. I don't remember anything else that happened, but as the night ended, Seth went to get the car while I sat down with Leslie outside on a hill near some evergreens.

Before any conversation had started, I needed to urinate as my bladder was about to explode with alcohol-saturated piss. I couldn't wait any longer to find a bathroom and went inside the evergreen beside Leslie and pissed. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.. When this was done, Leslie picked up on conversation again - I don't remember a thing she said as I was still high drunk. Then we started making out (probably because I was too tired of her talking all the time) and I took this oppurtunity to slide my hands into her low cut top and up her skirt. I mean, who told her to make it so accessible. Thank you fashion designers. Now to me, this entire scene outside took about 20-30 mins max. But my perception of time, of course, is totally fucked up because of alcoholic herb mix. I get a phone call - it's Seth. I answer it

Seth: Where the FUCK are you!!! I've been waiting here for 1.5 hours....holy FUCK, get your ass over here NOW. I'm in the front.
Me: Wahhh??? it's only been like 20 mins man....or less?
Seth: You're FUCKED uP, we're leaving NOW.
(Seth was not happy. He told me later he would've ditched my ass if it wasn't my bday...woops sorry haha =P)

So I quickly drag Leslie to the car and drive to her place. I drop her off and we passionately kiss for another 10 mins. She then says "Say it. I want to hear you Say it."
I told her I loved her for a very long time - Yes I said it....yes I guess I'm capable of love, but did I know what it was? Of course not. Anyhow, this sparked the return of Maestro to Leslie.

On the way home, Seth was ranting to me how stupid drunk I was and blah blah blah.....ZZZZZzzzzz I had passed out in the middle of it. Thanks Seth for a great night!

Girl of the Night: who else.
Drinks: joint, tequila, 4 smirnoff ices, possibly more shots - I don't remember
Rating: 9.1/10 - I like hot clothing where you can slide your hands in.

Sept 25. 2002
The Week after was another special event at FH. I wasn't planning on going but decided at the last minute. Seth had already made his way down there to take care of some personal things. I was supposed to go shopping with 'Jadie' and go for some drinks afterwards, but she cancelled on me saying she was too tired - what a BITCH. I hate how girls just cancel on you last minute. If you don't want to go out, just say no. I mean it's fine when it really is an emergency, but most of the time it's not - have some consideration - but who am i to talk ahahahhaahahah. I was all dressed and everything ready to impress and have a fun date, but NOOOooooo she had to ditch my ass. Well, I decided I was going to go home empty handed and decided to drive an hour into party at FH. [I'll have you note that last week I was with Leslie and already I'm trying to date someone else. I don't quite remember, but at that point I was still reluctant to commit? Anyhow, I just wanted some fun. I have no clue.]

Around 11 I meet up with Seth and we head over to FH to have our usual Smirnoff and smoke. I told Seth I was driving and didn't want to drink too much....but I guess when you say these things, the opposite is bound to happen. Got a couple more shots after with some girls that I knew and then saw my beloved Angelic Beauties, My Angels. Had more drinks with them, they were pretty happy to see me. I left them to go back to Seth and his ex-gf at the time and she comes over and asks "Do you want to get hooked up with a girl?" I thought about this for a minute, I thought about Leslie and then said "yeah sure whatever..."
She pulls me over to this girl and goes "She's ALL yours." I get introduced and we were dancing. This girl, whose name I have totally forgotten, had a bandana with smooth tanned skin, about 5'3 - DAMN hot. Seth and his ex-gf leave me and this girl alone and then saw another cutie nearby whom I almost went for as well. What is going on???? hahaha. After some more dancing, I decided to leave this group and look for my Angels.

I see Drew not far away, and drag her to bar for 2 shots. I had almost forgotten it was her bday so I treated her to a polar bear and a southern comfort. After these shots, I was completely wasted. Nothing exciting happened before the club closed. The usual dancing and chilling with Drew and stuff. Seth left early with his gf and called me to be careful since it was extremely foggy outside. I didn't believe how bad it was until I stepped outside. Literally, the fog was so thick I could BBB bandana girl in the parking lot and no one would see. I couldn't drive back to town like this, inebriated and in thick fog, so I drove over to Leslie's place to see if she was still awake. All the lights were out, so I didn't want to piss her off (since I was out partying without her anyway). I called up TwinMee to ask for Leslie's number to make sure she was home, but she told me not to go over there and gave me her friend's number, Juli. I told TwinMee how Fucked I was and couldn't drive and everything and I'm so lucky to have such a nice sister blahblbhlabha. I call Juli and tell her what happened and she offered her living room for me to crash until I sobered up. She told me not to goto Leslie's place since it was full with roomates etc already. So nice of her. I pop on over, still drunk. She offers me water and I set my phone alarm for 4:30am. I woke up at 4:30 to find Juli cooking me eggs and toast...I could NOT believe this - either she's a great friend or she wanted me BAD. I thanked her kindly, although I could've thanked her very very intimately....but didn't. I drove home, sober but barely stayed awake. I have to stop drinking so much and staying up so late.

The next morning I woke up I couldn't speak, my head was spinning and my throat was coarse. I had gotten sick. Took 2 days off work because of that, serves me right to be so stupid.

Girl of the Night: Random bandana girl
Rating: 8.2/10 - fucked myself up is no good, but got plenty of fun
Drinks: too many to drive home.

I know you've read the title and you're thinking - where the fuck is the sex? Well thank you for patiently waiting. Here it is:

Oct. 5, 2002.
Leslie gave me a call around 7pm and told me her parents were leaving the house until very late. I was very happy to hear this since this means me getting some action. I promptly leave the house and ate dinner at her place while listening to some cds that she wanted me to bring.

After dinner, talked in the living room for a bit. I'm fumbling through her things and found a vibrating grenade. I pick it up, pull the string and it vibrates vigorously for a good 5 seconds. I pick it up again, look at her and give her this "do-you-stick-this-in-your-pussy" look and pull on the string again and shove it between her legs. I'm not kidding you. We had quite the laugh. Then she brought up the event last week where I called up her friend pissed drunk - SHIT, she found out. So I had to tell her everything that happened that night, but ultimately I wanted to be with her. Then we just let loose on the carpet like wild animals. I carried her all the way upstairs and threw her on her bed. I've never been to her room before - a fairly large room with a queen size bed. Not much decoration, but felt cozy. She told me her sheets were dirty, or rather the blanket covering the bed is dusty. I remove this top covering and her clothes, respectively. In less than a minute, we were both completely naked....then I went down on her for the first time. It felt pretty nice for her, as well as for me. Then all of a sudden, as if her parents had walked in, she sat up. I'm like WTF??? What did I do wrong?
She starts talking about us and more talking about things that I really didn't care for since the more she talked, the more my penis went limp. I could take it no more, and I just stuck my finger into her mouth. I put it in and slowly took it out and did some thrusting motion - that ought to shut her up. She got the idea and then said "I don't know how to suck cock." So I taught her with my fingers and I give her props although she couldn't learn to speak or write english, she definitely learned how to suck cock pretty quickly. She was definitely WAY better than BrickWall and almost exploded into her mouth, but she stopped before I could since she didn't want to take the shock of all that liquid gushing into her throat...yet.
She finished with her delicate hands and it went all over her body. I mean so much cum everywhere, tits, neck, stomach, arms, even her sheets...oh man....

After getting dressed and cleaned up, she escorted me out fairly quickly in case her parents came back.

10 mins later, she calls and said her parents were home. That was too close. phew.

Oct 10, 2002
Another FH night. I drove this time, since Seth was kind enough to drive during my bday. We arrive quite early, around 8pm, picked up Leslie and chilled at Sorority Sister's house for an hour talking about random things.

10:20pm went to William's coffee to look for Seth's ex since she was complaining that this guy was stalking her and asking her for French tutelage. So we decided to have a little and scare the living hell out of this guy. We walked in pretending to be thugs and I just stood there looking scary while Seth flirted with his ex in front of this guy. Hilarious to see the look on his face. His eyes were glued to his book after 2 mins and didn't look up once. We decide that enough fun was had and we were pretty sure that this guy won't bother Seth's ex anymore. Mission accomplished.

20 mins later we arrive at FH to see an extremely long line-up. I had dropped Leslie and Seth to wait in line earlier but when I got there they were still at the very end - which was hella far. I told them to just walk up to the front cause I knew people there and sure enough, there were friends in the front - they let us in and we are all happy.

We meet Seth's friends and various other people. Grab us each a smirnoff and off we went to dance. I played some drinking games with Leslie afterwards and then got some more drinks - Southern comfort and another Smirnoff. I almost puked cause I've been drinking so much lately, the taste didn't go down too well. It was good, Leslie was quite high and this I was very much enjoyed. I took her to the dance floor once again and begin Full Frontal Grindage for about 20 mins? or more? Enough to get me hard and I don't get hard very easily on the dance floor anymore.

After we had more shots, Leslie had to puke. She felt much better after and I told Seth I was leaving with Leslie. This was approx 1:05am. Seth needed his phone which was in my car, so I brought it out to the patio for him to catch. He told me to call him when I was done.

10 mins later I was in Leslie's room on her bed. She then began her signature "Talk" which lasted more than an hour. I was kinda drunk so I don't recall what she said. I pulled the same trick and stuck my finger in her mouth. We started making out and then I pull it out of my coat - a Trojan lubraicated condom. She laughs and then takes it out of my hand. She turns serious and says "Are you Sure?"
Me: I've never been more sure of anything else.
I check the time and it was 3:45am - WTF she was talking for more than 2 hours. I guess it'll be worth it, but Seth is going to kill me since FH ended over an hour ago. I coudln't believe we talked for that long... Anyways, our clothes came off and I slide the rubber on.

[Before I go any further, I'd like to tell you that I was still a virgin and she told me she still was as well and that she never did it with that BackStab guy. The key word is she TOLD me.]

I almost explode in the anticipation since I'm going to BBB for the first time ever. BrickWall's halfways don't count. I slide it in slowly, and as expected she yelps in pain as I penetrate deeper. From my previous experience, I learned how to get it in better, but prayed that I didn't meet another brickwall. To my surprise, it slid in all the way with ease but I didn't feel anything - maybe the condom was too thick? Anyhow, thursting ensues in rhythmic fashion until I felt the warm sensation. Wow, it was amazing - everything I thought and dreamt it would be. Started banging harder and I'm kissing her all over. I can still smell the vodka in her breath - I guess she was still pretty high..all the better for me. Then she blurts out "Oh...yesyes keep going...don't stop!" Now if the ease of entry didn't surprise me, THIS definitely did. She must've did some major BBB with BackStab to be able to utter these phrases of pleasure. I was thinking to myself, did she lie to me about being a virgin? I guess I didn't care at the time because I was in another world - the BBB world and couldn't careless for anything else except how deep my penis was inside her vagina and how wet it was. ahem. I was at the point of climax, but decided I could last a little longer....but then said, WTF BOOM. I came inside her with the condom on and went on for about 10 mins. I don't think I've orgasmed this big, ever. But it's not surprise considering it's my first BBB.

Wow. That's all i could say. I take out the condom and since I was quite inexperienced, I was paranoid that the condom might leak. So I go to the bathroom and fill it with water to see if there were any holes. I take it back out to the bedroom and show Leslie, then I kinda tapped her face with it and said "We're good. It's not leaking" HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH.

It was time to leave since Seth was waiting a hell of a long time. I look at the clock and it said 4:30am. I told Leslie I loved her and went to pick Seth up.
Seth was already there waiting with his buddies and I could tell they ALL knew I had the fuck of my life. I was still in shock as to what had happened - I couldn't see straight. Seth offers me a cigarette, he knew that I never smoked after FH, but this time he knew I needed it and damn did it feel good. During the drive back, all I could think about was that first BBB.

Girl of the nite: Leslie....
Drinks: Smirnoffs, SC's (souther comforts)
Smokes: 1
Rating: 9.9/10 - 1st BBB ever.

Now when I talked to my Sorority Sisters BMV about this experience they totally didn't believe that Leslie was a virgin when we BBB'ed. B and V were both quite experienced and said that the first time is pretty much impossible and it would hurt a lot. Leslie had told me it did hurt and that she's never done it before. What LIES!!! I actually felt pretty upset about this that BackStab got to have her first. But then again, no one else is to blame except me for leaving Leslie in the first place. M was still a virgin and had some curiousity in her eyes haha. I told her it's so amazing. BBB.

So I lost my virginity to Leslie and was lied to. But I had an amazing first BBB.


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