Monday, December 20, 2004

Maestro Meets Mary: Part 2 - from Sweet innocent to WhoreNasty

Fast forward till about a year ago, when we started talking again. I have NO idea how it happened, but it started. From basic flirting, to full fledged CyberSex. Yes that's right, you hear about millions doing it, and yes I have done it.
It's too bad i don't have any history saved on instant messaging ( i deleted it all so as to protect myself from other girls and people that shouldn't be looking).
It turned out i was quite good and so good that it merited me a date...err i mean hookup. The first time we met, she drove to my house and picked me up (her house was a bad idea)...and we just went to a park down the street. I love this park, there are absolutely no lights in the parking lot so you could literally BBB outside on the pavement and no one will see. But then again, who wouldn't want to see us BBB. HAHAHA
So we're in the car and we go nuts....she had small tits, but they were amazing....i don'tknow....i guess i have a fetish with smooth and shaped...they don't need to be super sized like D or even C, but if there's a nice shape then you don't want to take your hands off.
She drops me home and that ends our first FB session - Fuck Buddy or Friends w/ Benefits (take your pick).

During the next month we hook up multiple times and Cyber A Lot more. She hasn't tried anything beyond the normal vaginal intercourse... so i decided to spice it up a little during the Cyber sessions in hopes of getting the real thing. Here's a taste:

Me: I'm slowly kissing your silk-smooth ears, my tongue swirling the lobes...
Mary: OH my GoD...that feels so goood....I'm do the same...moving down your neck and nipples
Me: yes very nice
. after a while of this foreplay gets pretty intense...i mean i can't even type properly
Me: I'm ravaging you hard like the beast that i am...
Mary: faster...faster....up and down updown
Me: Oohohoo...sooo gooosdd,keep ggonhggg {it's one hand typing at this point}
Mary: Bang me...harder...harder
Me: bnagging..fasterr...suck me dryyyy...
Mary: i'm sucking you so's so big....oh...
Me: i'm gonna comeee,,,keep suckkingg
Mary: it's sooo hot....mmmmmmm
Me: i have moree....spray it all over your face..... {She has never done this in real life....and she actually enjoyed it during score 1 for me next time we hook up }
Mary: lick's my turn....
{she comes....}
Mary: oh dad is coming down. ttyl

And I thought I'm the non-sensitive one. Hahahaa I'm cracking up pretty hard at this cause i'm wondering if her dad really did catch her sprawled all over her computer chair, wet as a soaked sponge with half her clothes off. Lucky for me he didn't, cause we continued to cyber lots more. Although she told me that her parents her noises and that's why her Dad came down....thought something was wrong....or she was in danger.....yes she was in danger alright...I blinded her with my cyberjuice.

We hooked up more. Rented a hotel for a night. BBB twice in 2 hours. She was so loud that the entire hall heard. Her exact words "Damn you're crazy...twice?" Oh well, when you're having a good time, share it with everyone else. Having tight ass parents, she had to leave pretty soon to get home. I almost stayed at the hotel room by myself...but to make use of my money spent - I decided to shower and use up as many free supplies as possible. I guess it's the asian side of me. The front desk clerk gave me a weird look, cause i JUST friggin checked in like 2 hours ago. Oh well, i didn't mess up the place.

We hooked up in the car. My car. her car. her residence. My house. She had a hot ass body....petite but i liked. A lot. I dontknow why i'm so into small girls. But that doesn't mean tall ones aren't welcome. ;)
Then the dreaded phrase in all FB episodes came out of her mouth "I can't do this anymore...I think i'm getting emotionally attached." She had spent a good year with gastro-psycho problems because of me after I dumped her 2 weeks after we went out. 2 Weeks!! come much emotional attachment can you put in someone after 2 weeks. and We didn't even BBB...we didn't even TAke our CLOTHES off!! So she dealt with that and now she's better...well not realy cause she's falling for me. So i said i understood and i didn't want to push her into doing something she didn't want. Although I still want her tight pussy pretty bad. Whatever, i knew she'll come crawling back. and crawlin back she DID. 2 weeks later, she messages:
"what the hell...I want you so're so hot."
Why Thank you. we hook up that same night ....this repeats for about another month,
until Finally she says she really is getting emotionally attached and we end it.

Then she hated me and got pissed that I get so drunk all the time and when I got sick she emailed me saying blahblahlahblabhlbah. Anyhow, it was a great time. I'm always open for more, if you can handle it.

And so ends the Story of Mary.

{side note: her real name isn't mary, but I entered her phone# as Mary in my cell so that others won't know it's i have to hide everything. But really I have nothing to hide. I'm just out to have some fun...who am i kidding....I just want BBB.}


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