Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Maestro spills beer on Madeleine and gets rewarded

June 15, 2002
It's been 3 days since I broke up with BrickWall and there is the usual Summerfest party at FH. Some people say I have no heart. I just say, why dwell on the past - just move on ASAP. And Move on I did.

9:45pm - headed towards FH to find a line longer than Star wars opening. I had about $80 in my pocket, but no ticket. I looked around for scalpers but found none, but I did find a cute Asian chick checking me out - 5'2, short black hair, tight ass... So I smiled back but too bad I didn't see her later on.

10:15pm - a couple comes to the line selling their tickets because they didn't want to wait in line anymore. I offered to buy but they didn't have change. They sold it to another bastard.

10:25pm - a drunken lad gets kicked out of FH holding a ticket. I promptly approach him and buy it off him for $5. He told me to have a great time and get some girls. I declare this guy to be way cool.

10:45pm - I'm still in line.

11:00pm - I finally get in and see BrickWall's friend Jay, had a few drinks with him and then left. I searched for my Angels, but they were nowhere to be found.

11:30pm - 2 smirnoffs and 2 vodka shots with buddy Calvin.

11:35pm - a polar bear with Calvin's friend, Klein

11:40pm - Angels finally arrive. Turned out, Cameron knew Calvin and friend - I also find out much later Klein had a crush on Cameron and asked her out 2 years ago.

11:45pm - Went out to patio. Patio was nothing like the last time. No girls took off my shirt and licked stickers to my chest.

midnight - See FluxCap and had a tequila with her. She leaves quickly after.
2 mins later, FluxCap's bf comes up to me asking where FluxCap went - I said she was with her friends somewhere. He then asks a 2nd time - I'm like "my answer didn't change between the first time you asked me...and now."

12:10pm - I find FluxCap dancing and tell her that her bf is looking for her. She says "I KNOW that. He's gonna have to FIND me then huh hahaha *wink". Basically she couldn't careless and would've grinded my ass on the floor if I initiated. But I had standards hahaha.

12:20pm - Madeleine walks in - hottest creature I've ever seen. Huge tits, perfect body, 5"8 almost as tall as me, damn she was hot. SUPER MODEL HOT. I had met Madeleine through some other friends and we've gotten quite close. Going to parties with Trekki as well. I introduced her to Seth and then me and Seth went out for drink and smoke after Madeleine went back to her friends.

12:30pm - Talked about Madeleine. Seth said if she was CBC, he would be ALL OVER her. Unfortunately she was HK Fob, but was super hot.

12:45 - see the angels but they didn't feel like talking, so I went over to Madeleine and friends. I saw my 1 and only rival, SmashFace - this guy pissed me off back in 1st year and I never forgave him for humiliating me. I took this oppurtunity to show him what I'm made of...and started dancing with Madeleine.

1:00am - had shots with Madeleine - polar bear, choco martini, BrickWall's friend bought me a Caesar.

1:10am - had smoke with Seth while Madeleine stayed inside - she said she quit a long long time ago. Outside, we see Bubbles and this is what was said:

Seth: Hey Bubbles, Haven't seen you in awhile, where's your BF?
Bubbles: Oh I don't have a bf. (looks at me) You're my bf now.
Me: Wow, That fast???? Ok then. (what a fake BITCH...get away from me you WHORE).

we go back inside and Madeleine and her friend, Lisa sees that I"m not smiling.
Madeleine: What's wrong? You don't look too happy?
Me: (I smile)
Madeleine's friend Lisa: That's because you're not with Madeleine (points to Madeleine beside her) ;).

They head to the bathroom shortly after this and when they got back from the bar, I bought them drinks. Then I say to Madeleine "Let's dance. Just you." She agreed and we approach the dancefloor. SmashFace was keeping tabs on me all night long and I could tell he wasn't happy about this now. oh well, FUCK him hahaha.

1:30am - See BrickWall, but she didn't even want to talk to me at all. I proceeded to grind Madeleine.

1:45am - Last call. Grab beer for everyone.

2:00am - back to dance floor, I see Madeleine and she accidently knocks the bottle of beer out of my hand. The bottle hits her thigh and sprays beer all over her feet. She's not happy, but I told her it's not my fault. Lisa starts to take Madeleine to the bathroom to clean up and on the way Madeleine says "You owe me a Kiss." Before I had a chance to respond, she had already left.

2:15am - I wait for her return and we dance once more. Lisa had left us alone.
Madeleine: We can't dance that close, I'm afraid you'll like me.
Me: Reaaaly? well Do you like me then?
She doesn't answer and after awhlie she says: How about that kiss?

2:18am - Our foreheads touch and kissed her lips. In the middle of the dance floor. It started off slowly and then full tongue action, I felt like I could lick the back of her throat it was so nuts.

2:21am - She stops abrubtly and says: Do you kiss like that with all your girls?
Me: uhhhh.....Sometimes??? (HAHAHAHAAH I couldn't lie to her)
Madeleine pushes me away like Elaine on Seinfeld and storms to the water area.
I had this bewildered look on my face, wondering what I had said to make her so pissed off. I follow her and all the while, I had a crowd staring at me -mainly because they saw we were making out on the dance floor. Normally making out is standard scenes in typical clubs, but campus clubs are different - they are more conservative - so to see someone making out in the middle of the dance floor is like seeing someone BBB in the middle of a real club.
I follow Madeleine and ask her what I said wrong.

Madeleine: you know you're the 3rd guy I've kissed like that with?
Me: Really? Well I don't kiss like that all time time. Just that you're special tonight.
I forget what else we talked about but she wanted time to think about us.

Near the end of the night, told Seth what had happened and he gave me props haha. He introduced me to a friend of his and all headed over to the plaza for food after the club.

I stayed with Madeleine at the Pita place until 3:30am. Her friends were playing drinking games, only there was no alcohol at the pita so whoever lost had to kiss the winner, no matter male or female. I think they were just doing this to see me kiss Madeleine again.

We finish our pitas and Lisa decides to drive off leaving me alone with Madeleine. I walked her home - apparently she lives WITH LISA!! I guess I have to thank her for giving me some quality time. Anyways, we knock on the door to find Lisa opening it with her BF at the back. I go into Madeleine's room and we talk. I tried to comfort her about her problems and then we just made out. The best breasts I have ever felt in my life. They were perfectly shaped and huge - probably C or even D.

You have to wonder: What happened with Angels? Well I guess I kinda just left them....or they left early , I have no idea.

Anyhow, after that night, Madeleine was reluctant to start something with me because I was "Nice" and "such a good friend" and other bullshit along the lines of this. But I had my fun and I'll never forget it.

Girl of the Night: Madeleine
Drink: too much
Rating: 8.9/ 10 - Not hooking up with Madeleine after was the only setback of this night.


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