Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Maestro Wants Leslie Back

After many hand/tit jobs later, I grew bored of Leslie and broke up with her twice. I decided that my heart just wasn't into this relationship and I could not continue dragging it on. I wanted to experience the world out there, instead of being tied down - meaning I wanted to BBB every girl on the face of the planet. So I broke up with Leslie and it felt good - I was free from the bondage of strict rules (she was worse than my mom; telling me not to go clubbing, not to smoke, not to drink so much, take care of my body (well she took care of my dick pretty well), etc etc. Anyhow, I left for the good of both of us and back to whore-hungry self I still am.

Let me tell a bit about the relationship:
It consisted of me giving her ESL lessons because her English was worse than a 3 year old Chinese Retard. Seriously, I message her on ICQ and I had to send back corrected grammar/spelling errors in square brackets. The Maestro has become ESL teacher. The stuff I have to go through to get some BBB. Some examples:

Leslie: I just wanna to see you next tuesday.
Me: You can't say WANNA TO, it's either WANNA or WANT TO cause WANNA is short for WANT TO. So really you're saying WANT TO TO - you sound like a redundant retard.
Leslie: Oh woopsee! I try not to do next time.
3 or 4 sentences later SHE DOES IT AGAIN
Leslie: I feels like I wanna to eat the dinner with you in your caf
(These are typical of conversations I had with her - no exaggeration. I refrain from adding more examples for fear I would become intellectually and linguistically STUPIDER everytime I do. I mean it's gotten to a point where I'm so used to the phrase "I just wanna to" that when my friends and I say it to poke fun - we don't find it WRONG.)

The fact that Seth commented that she was despicably ugly coupled with her immigrant English skills, caused me to flee for my life. I certainly didn't think she was ugly at all, in fact she was prettier than Mary and FarmerJ. But who am I kidding, my standards are trashcan low. Thanks.

It was a couple of months later that I realized I missed Leslie. I wanted to feel her smooth skin, her warm c-cup breasts, and most of all I wanted the feeling that she gave me when she hand-jobbed me. With time her English written/speaking, will improve given constant training by me. I'm willing to work for that. WHo the FUCK am I KIDDING, there was no FORCE in any dimension that can save Leslie from her doom. Me and my brothers will always have a laugh when I mention "I jus wanna to".

Nov. 7, 2001
I had messaged Leslie that night since we were still on talking terms, but I knew she was going out with another bastard, BackStab. I had worked with BackStab on publishing articles for a university club and we were good friends. The fact that talked shit behind my back and went for my ex-gf after we broke up was one dangerous move. I contemplated on busting his ass many times, but I thought why stoop to his level - I'm better than him. I guess I deserve this for breaking Leslie's heart. Whatever, sometimes I have the heart of piece of black coal and sometimes it's blossoming like beautiful red rose - wtf is this shit I'm writing???

Anyhow, I still missed Leslie a lot and deep down I knew she still loved me. So what better way to get back together than to go to a club. It didn't take long to convince Leslie to go to FH - more like "Let's goto FH, I miss you.". Off we went together and all this time she's blabbing about how she missed her math exam and didn't have to rewrite it since everyone failed it. (I'll have you note that Leslie had the booksmarts similar to the level of English skills she had - yes Gr. 3 China girl. But she did have the 6th sense stronger than any woman I've ever dated. She can literally tell if I was in love with her and she read me like a book. She could tell I was attracted to Trekki and that I was in love with her almost without me saying a single word. I guess life has its balances.)

We get to FH and meet up with Seth. Seth's Ex-GF was there as well and I bought some Smirnoffs and taught Leslie how to play drinking games. It's a good thing she missed that math exam cause she was pretty slow at this drinking game involving multiples of 5 with your 2 fists. She would've failed miserably. All the better for me since everytime she lost she had to drink - and lots to drink she had.

Seth takes me out for a smoke and chat - "What do you really want?"
Me: I want Leslie back...I'm really serious about this. ( I was at the time)
Seth: Do what you must, but you know how I feel about her. (He's literally disgusted ahahahah)

I return to the dance floor and instant grindage occurs with Leslie. She told me how Seth's EX-GF asked if I was Leslie's BF etc etc. I drink more alcohol - how I wish I was back together with her.

The night ended with both of us quite intoxicated, but sober enough to carry a serious conversation about our relationship. Leslie knew that she still had feelings, but she was happy with BackStab and he treats her very well, unlike me. This looked like it came straight out of a movie, cause I said this next
"But do you have any fun?"
Leslie: "He doesn't make me cry."

I felt horrible starting then. All the boulders came crashing down on my body, well-deserved boulders I might add.

We kissed passionately and off I go, with almost a tear coming down the eye that I shot myself with when she was jacking me off "Maestro Meets Leslie: Part 2. Hey I have feelings too ok?

I failed miserably to get her back - this time. But this not the last you'll hear of Leslie and the Maestro.....


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