Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Maestro's Angels: Summerfest

It's funny how your connections spread like wildfire on campus. You get introduced to a friend who's probably a friend of a friend of a friend of yours, and if you get introduced to enough people, they all turn out to be your friends. Such is the beauty of living in university and knowing asian people.

After that crazy episode with FluxCap at the first Summerfest event, she told me that I would be interested in her friend, 'Drew Barrymore', who's very similar to me - parties a lot, likes to flirt, likes to drink etc. Turns out she lives in another city but would be returning to campus in a short while - so FluxCap gives me her ICQ and we start to chat.

After a few months, I meet Drew for a drink and we talk about random things. She was about 5'6, typical black shoulder length hair, a semi-round face and thin body. We became quite close after that - partying at FH, occasional smokes etc.

Later on, she introduced me to her roomate, Lucy Liu. Lucy had a cute "paul frank" monkey face, she was 5'6 and even more slender than Drew and had sweet C-cup breasts. She was quite the talkative one, when she was comfortable and we started going to more and more parties together.

When I met the third Angel, Cameron Diaz, I found her to be very quiet and subdued; to the point where she didn't want to talk at all - beyond shy. But she was quite tall, 5'7 with beautiful legs and the cutest face ever. Her hair was long and well taken care of - unlike Drew's which looked kinda shaggy at times - I'm definitely a hair person (after tits, legs, ass and face of course). Cameron was by far the prettiest, although Lucy comes at a very close second. Her mysteriousness (you can call it shyness), heightened my curiosity about her and it drew me closer and closer.

Talking to her was worse than talking to a stuck-up bitch, I'm sorry to say. She needed major communication skills - I mean her responses would take 10 mins (I'm talking about ICQ messages) There would be a time when I messaged once and didn't get a response until the next day around the same time, even though she was on N/A. The fact that she is on N/A 24/7 means that you don't know where the fuck she is, nor does she care if she responds to anyone. If you're not going to chat with someone on ICQ, TURN IT OFF. This fact did not bother me much until much much later, when I started going out with her and this turned out to be one of my most pivotal relationships I will ever have. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Tonight was one of those parties that I had a lot of fun hanging out with my Angels. It's become customary for me to go with them to the FH Club a lot and I felt like Bosley with the 3 Angels all the time - It's a great feeling. They have fun. I have fun.
So here's the story about one of those nights:

June 18, 2001
9:15pm - messaged Lucy if she was going to this Summerfest event at FH, but she said she's got midterms and can't go. I wish her luck and I get ready to leave.

9:20pm - Drew messages me and says "Lucy just got in the shower and we're going to Summerfest!" So I told her I'll get 3 tix for them and wait for them at the line at 9:45pm.

9:30pm - Watched the Laker vs. 76ers game and headed to FH at 9:45pm (I knew they weren't going to be on time, so I figured showing up at 10 would be good enough).

10pm - Note that all the tix for this event had been sold out and the only way to get them was to buy it off scalpers near the line. I bought 2 for $20 off 1 guy and another 2 for $11 (don't ask me why 11, i don't remember). I had a smoke with a buddy of mine and the line started to fill up. By filling up I mean around a corner - at least 200 people, insane.

10:30pm - The Angels finally show up. I told them to jump over the railing as I help them with their legs ahhaahah. The crowd behind me did not share my sense of humour, so I handed them their tickets and they went to the back of the line....the very back. (That's what you get for making me wait so damn long).

10:40pm - I feel sorry for them and just tell them to come in front of me. They wanted to pay me back for the tickets, but I just told them to buy me a drink - Each.

11pm - Line up at bar for drinks. Time for some fun.
Lucy gets me a Polar bear. Drew gets me a Black Russian (double shot). And Cameron buys me a B-52. Way to get started. woo!

I noticed the place was jammed packed with people. They even extended the patio outside for more space. It looked like a beach area that was tented, except everyone under the tent was drinking and smoking. We decide to head to the patio area.

Outside, there was drunken beach volleyball and a truck promoting Mike's hard drinks. Free t-shirts, buttons, glitter and tattoos were being given out. I tried some of the new promo-drink, Chrome and pass it to Drew and Lucy. Then they saw this holographic plastic button that looked so amazing on one of the staff shirts. When women see shiny things and bulge, they want to get their hands on it. So being the nice guy that I am, I go up to the mini-bar and ask this chick behind the counter if I can have a button.

Another girl approaches me and says here are some stickers. She begins to unbutton my shirt and stuck Mike's Hard Lemon stickers all over my chest. I'm completely in shock and enjoyment at the same time - this is pretty cool, I thought. I calmly tell the girls that I just wanted the Chrome holograms and I don't need anymore Lemon stickers. They ignore me, and one of them begins LICKING THE STICKERS ON MY CHEST saying "This'll make them stick better." DAMN Right it'll stick better - I was in utter disbelief - How can the Mike's Hard staff do this? Turns out they weren't staff at all!! Just random drunk girls that wanted to give me a good time.When they were done, I just grabbed some keychains and glitter and gave it to Cameron. Cameron was very hot that night. I show her my stickers on my chest and tell the angels this story. Then I hear my favorite song playing, Lady by Modjo. I immediately drag the Angels in for dancing.

The song ends and is followed by utter crap - time for more shots. I ordered 4 sex on the beaches for us and we down it quick. As I'm walking back to the dance floor with Drew, Lucy and Cameron, 2 of guys that I do not like at all comment that I'm not with only 1 girl, but 3 and that I rock. I decided they're not bad guys and I wouldn't cause bodily harm to them that night.

Saw Bearie and friends, danced with them. Lost track of the Angels.
Went out for a smoke and a white girl comes up to me saying "Can I have a cig?" I'm like sure and we talk about her life, and how she rolled her own smokes back in England "Drum Mild Shag" I laugh at this. Blah blah blah, I wanted to dance with her. We go and dance. I buy her a drink and I decide I needed my Angels.

I find them in the middle of the dance floor watching some stunt on stage. At this time, some girl approaches me and asks if Drew is available. I'm like Lesbian action? Very nice and I said, she's free as a bird, go get her. I am utterly disappointed when the girl tells me her friend - she points beside her and I see the biggest geek ever - is very interested. I'm like smiling to myself "this guy has no chance in hell", he thought the girls were with me and wanted to make sure Drew wasn't taken. Well at least he was smart enough not to ask for my permission. I love respect hahaha. Anyhow, I said go right ahead and indeed he went. It was obvious the outcome, as Drew rejected him straight out. (I later told Drew about what I did, and she threw a fit and laughed - she felt sorry for him though. Oh well, you have to go through some failures to succeed in life.)

The night was winding down and I needed something hard to get me past the semi-buzz stage. Cameron did not feel like drinking (she never felt like drinking anyway and she's the worst drinker I've ever known to this day. Seriously, half a glass of beer will send her to lalaland and she's the most NON-fun drunk ever, I mean alcohol is like a sleeping drought for her - she feels sleepy and doesn't feel like doing anything.) Lucy wanted something not-so-hard and Drew being the hardcore party-animal like me wanted whatever I was getting.

I ordered 2 prairie fires, and a chocolate martini. We all downed our shots, with Drew instantly coughing and gasping for air. Prairie fires are SICK hahahaha. I get her some water and we dance more. Bearie and Bearie2 (who had the same name as Bearie) came to join me as well. So I'm with 5 girls on the dance floor. I'm getting cuteye from the badass gangsters on the side, who just stand there and do nothing but watch and be jealous of all the hot guys who get the girls (a.k.a me. LOL).

Nothing much happens after that as I say goodbye to the girls and my Angels.
Although it was fun to get random girls to unclothe and lick you.

Girl of the Night: Cameron - so beautiful, Drew for being such a party animal and Lucy for dancing so sexy
Drink of the night: Prairie Fire - got Drew pretty choked up haha
Rating: 88/100 - Can't wait until the next time I get to see Cameron.


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