Thursday, November 24, 2005

Maestro and the FreakyNative

Before Maestro university days, there was a girl that Maestro had a crush on. The reason: she was the only girl he knew that didn't grow up with him. It's quite easy to fall for someone of the opposite sex if they're somewhat cute and attractive and is the ONLY FEMALE you know. She was average height, small petite body, great skin, and very hk. We talked on the phone, had our puppy-love relationship, went out to malls for shopping. The innocent and young type of relationship. No kissing, hardcore intercourse etc.etc. We stopped this relationship when I entered university, but I would talk to her once in awhile and maintained a friendly and close bond. When Maestro made the change to wild beast, however, contacts with FreakyNative stopped as I pursued girl after girl, not stopping a moment for rest.

4 years later, I heard rumours that FreakyNative was not the innocent and young girl that I had spent hours on the phone conversing with. INstead, she was labelled as prostitute and highschool 'HO'. I couldn't believe it. I was in utter shock, I was like "NOOO WAY....she's tooo gooody goody. Yeah right, I don't believe you."
Curiosity killed the cat. In my case, I was presented with FREAKYNATIVE. I decided to test this allegation against her and call her out for beer.

Note that I'm already way past into my macking phase and looking for full-fledged sex.

I pick her up and drive to some remote hick bar at the end of a 2 lane highway. It was dark and remote and I couldn't believe this existed. I mean this is only like 20 mins from her house....where in blazes did this come from? We sit down at the bar and ordered smirnoffs, 4 of them. Played drinking games. Downed 6 sicilian kisses and 2 more smirnoffs. It was at this point, that I knew what my friend said was right. No innocent girl in the right mind can match me in alcohol. She was as buzzed as I was and maybe slightly more. Usually, 90% of the girls I drink with will start groping me by the 2nd smirnoff. This girl was TANK of all TANKS. I ordered 2 Jackdaniels. Thinking to myself "Let's see if this puts you over."
I don't remember leaving the bar, but I do remember us flirting around outside in the parking lot. I'm pretty sure I paid....hmmm since no one chased after me when we left.

Out in the parking lot, she had to take a piss so we went further out to some construction site with wooden fences and a foundation of mud and sand. I'm like "just take it here!!" laughing my ass off as I said this.
FreakyNative: NOno, someone might see!
Me: No they won't, just go behind that fence..I'll cover you
FreakyNative: do you have tissue?
Me: (I take out some crumpled pieces from my pocket) Yesyes Lots!
FreakyNative pulls down pants and takes piss into the muddy sesspool of wood shavings and manure. I was pretty FRICKING drunk at this point and told her I couldn't drive. So we just made out on the fence near her piss area. This continues on for how long, I do not know. But I do recall chasing her around the parking lot for something (it was summer so no problem of getting cold). I knew BBB was in the bag and I was just stalling for recovery time from the damn alcohol. Who knew she would be such a tank - don't drink so much if you want to BBB a chick.

When I was sober enough to drive, we proceeded near her house, but as I was about to turn into her street, she says "turn here." which was some deserted new housing development. Without hesitation I turn smoothly into her pointed direction and proceed to find some remote location to park the car. There was no denying it, she knew it and I knew it - we are searching for a 'fuckspot'.

Before long we found one, she crawls into the back and I follow suit. I put down the seats so it's like a flat bed extending into the trunk. It's great invention of new cars haha.

FreakyNative knew exactly what to do, I just layed there on my back and she basically took me as a sex doll and went nuts. Unfortunately, I still didn't learn from my previous experiences and coudln't for the life of me get enough energy to please her. Oh well. She was great. She gave a Great BJ, HJ, and even screamed Great. I would never have thought this would happen. Score more for me. We had sex for awhile before I was absolutely drained of energy and the next thing I remember was waking up at 5:30am. The sun was just coming up and both of us were naked extended into the trunk passed out. I woke her up, and dropped her home and went home to shower. What a night.

2 days later I decided to call again and we went out to the park. No bar, no beer, no shots. Just plain banging.

3 days later: rinse lather and repeat.

The next day I decided to call again, but when we arrived to that infamous location near the housing development she said she was having her period. This is what she says "I'm just as good with my hands."
WOW...i'm like OK go for it.
I decided I wanted my cake and eat it too, so I asked her to use her mouth. She graciously agreed and went nuts. I've never had the luxury of coming in a girl's mouth and I thought what better day than today. The best feeling in the world, aside some from coming inside her vagina.
We rest for a bit and then she asks "What do you think of me as?"
Me: Friend? Casual? (I'm so smart....sigh)
FreakyNative is disappointed and I drove her home and didn't call her out for awhile. She wants to be in a serious relationship if she's going to be going all freaky nuts like this for me. I agree that it is best and we part ways.

you would THINK the story is over, but this ties into the TwinBMV parties with the Sorority. One day after BBB TwinMee, I decided to go clubbing and return back to TwinMee's house for after party. My intuitions suggested that I call FreakyNative to join me. And join me she did. I was very surprised to see that she would agree even though I don't think of her as a gf, but I was very much falling for her the fact that she is the most powerful sex goddess I have come to know.

I pick her up at 1am and head to TwinMee's house by 1:30. The drinking has already begun and since FreakyNative is such a tank, we down drinks 3:1 with the Sorority and their bfs'. This time I outdrank FreakyNative and remembered not to drink so much so Limpy won't come out to haunt me. It was the time of the party where respective couples will go into their respective rooms and fuck like no tomorrow or pass out. TwinMee gave me and FreakyNative the basement - I locked the door behind me so as not to be interrupted and stripped her bare. This was interesting, she asked if I was Maestro. She coudln't even SEE me, she was feeling my body and asked if I was Maestro before she agreed to fuck. WOW. That's being drunk to the nth degree.
I proceeded to bang her missionary style and as I penetrated, her screams were louder than 10 banshee put together. I tried to silence her with my hand, mouth, pillow, anything I could grab my hands on when I was grabbing her breasts - usually my mouth. It was no use, she couldn't feel aroused if she wasn't screaming. Of course EVERYONE else on the other floors blatantly heard this screaming whore (as well as all the houses on the entire block....). I could hear them laughing outside because they could no longer sleep/bang and decided to listen in on our adventurous event.
What was interesting about this screaming is that it wasn't normal moaning and groaning of extreme pleasure. Well, it was, but it didn't sound like it. She pretended she was being raped and kept saying things like "DON"T.......DON"T DO IT....NOOOO NOOOO...STOP IT STOP IT." what do they call this? Pessimist fucking?
When I first heard this, I was like WTF, I'm hurting her, i better stop. So I stop and she's like WTF is this, pushes me in further and continues to scream. It was then I realized she liked this sort of thing OR her previous 500 guys that she's fucked liked the fact she's being raped. that's FUcking messed up. I take what I've got and make the best of it. BOOM.

Now aside from screaming this, she also screamed out my asian name (yes since we were both chinese, I told her). I couldn't believe my ears. As I'm banging her in rhythmic fashion, she's yelling out my chinese name I haven't heard since I was 5 years old. I couldn't help myself. I CRACKED UP LAUGHING. I had to stuff my head in the pillow and laugh out loud. It was fucking hilarious. Unbelievable that I"m hearing this come out of her mouth. She was so drunk she had no idea what was going on. During different points of our session, she said she needed to puke. So I dragged her naked ass into the bathroom and let her puke. WHen she was done, I brought her back on the bed and continued (it was like a video game - pause, take a piss, unpause). She didn't reak or anything, and I didn't really care since I was pretty smashed myself and she continued the screaming. I wanted to put it in her mouth (don't ask me why...), even after all that puking. I guess I didn't remember she puked or felt that vomit was disgusting in anyway and it might be hot to stick my penis in a vomit-filled mouth. Anyway, I made sure she rinsed her mouth clean and put it in. She sucked for awhile and noticed that it's not good for her throat
and she needed to puke again. After that I decided it was time to sleep and by that time she passed out. Since I haven't squirted on a girl's face before and I always wanted to do it....i did. I guess it doesn't count if she's unconscious? OH well. Still good.

And so ends the saga of FreakyNative....I haven't heard from her since that day...I wonder why.....It would be good to see her again....she was by far the best I've ever had and MOre. Experienced sexpert indeed. Come back FreakyNative.


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