Friday, December 03, 2004

Maestro witnesses MuchMusic Dance Shit-Pasted

Wed. March 28. 2001
The afternoon starts off with some pre-FH basketball. Back then I was pretty good friends with a buddy of mine Cresboy - we went to classes together, we played ball together (no we didn't shower together too), and we got DAMN DRUNK together. This was one of those nights.

9pm - me and Cresboy head to TwinMee's place for a little pre-drinking. TwinBee, TwinMee, Cresboy and me finish half a bottle of Smirnoff Vodka. I must've downed 5 shots each with Cresboy, with the pussies downing a measly 1 each. The Maestro and Cresboy got pretty buzzed, FAST. We rush down with the girls to the lounge to meet up with a few friends and I have no clue why but it says here in the book "to wait for Leslie" I thought I had broken up with her back then? There is no other mention of her in this entry, so I probably did break up with her but was still speaking to her.

10pm arrive at FH.
Grab a Mike's hard - Chugged.
Saw Seth and friends. Smoked.
Had 2 shots with some girl and her bf.
Saw FHDoll (YAY) - had our shot - Crispy Crunch.
Down another Mike's hard.

The Maestro is pretty fucked drunk at this point. I wander aimlessly around the club when I realized something. THE MUSIC WAS THE ABSOLUTE WORST SHIT. MY ASS COULD MAKE BETTER SOUNDS. I had some sense left in me to conjure up this comment. As I look around the club, I noticed it was different from normal club nights.
There were 2 large white screens on the stage that showed music videos of the songs that were currently playing. I wanted the DJ to play some britney spears. I stare aimlessly at those screens, barely keeping myself standing and waited for some good dance song to play so I can at least fumble my way into the dance floor. No luck. I continue swaying back and forth at the railings.

12:45am or sometime around then - I see MARY sitting in a corner. Then I see Mary'sHotFriend being harassed by a buddy of mine, SonJ (he apparently asked her to dance, MANY Times.) Mary'sHotFriend's BF is pissed at this point and gathers his Asian gang, ready to start a brawl. I approach them ready for something exciting (SonJ wasn't that good of a friend and since I was part of the brotherhood with Seth and Mary'sHotFriend's BF, I would pound SonJ's ass anyday if required.) This is where excitement turned into boredom when Mary'sHotFriend got so pissed off, that she said if anything happened to SonJ ("he's a friend of mine") I'm ending my relationship with Mary'sHotFriend's BF. ---- The Dance continues. No fighting. I'm not happy as I'm listening to shit music once again.

I look around to see Mary approaching me "I've been watching over you for the past 2 hours, you look pretty drunk." YES i am very drunk. Seth at this point seeing the oppurtunity to either FUCK ME OVER or work his CUPID magic pulls me close to MARY during a slow song.
Seth:You should work things out between you and Mary.
Me: REally? I don't know mannn...I'm pretty fucked.
Seth just left me at this point in the miserable arms of Mary. To make matters worse, Mary begins sobbing on my shoulder. I couldn't help it. I did the same. I CRIED WITH HER. WTF IS wrong with me?????? I held on tighter and CRIED with her. Alcohol can do retarded things, and this is one of them.

The night ends with Mary looking for her lost jacket. Seth takes me and Cresboy back to my room. We are both shit-pasted drunk. Cresboy takes this oppurtunity to icq every single name resembling a female on my list, telling them to "Come over, Maestro is having a party." or "I want you now. You're so sexy."
Meanwhile I'm crawling my way, wailing my arms like a zombie trying to stop him from messaging for fear I might not be able to repair the damage the next morning. Cresboy is eliminating my oppurtunities one by one, sniping them in the head...I needed to stop this. I cannot. I am DRUNK and So was he.

I recall waking up around 10 am. We were on the same bed on different ends, totally passed out. I look around for signs of vomit. NONE, Phew. My clothes are still on, which is a good sign since he didn't mistake me for a woman and rape me that night. Cresboy wakes up soon after and I think he must've did the exact same check that I did. He quickly runs out and says, I'm going home.
He later messages me saying he threw up 3 times on the way. I told him I vomited once. I take a shower and sleep unil 2pm, ready to start my day and get ready for another FH party that same night.
Maestro doesn't stop. He can't. Parties are in his blood.

Drink of the night: those 5 shots of Vodka did me and Cresboy in.
Girl of the Nite: I managed to wake up with someone beside me. But it wasn't a girl. and NO we did not have gay sex.
Rating: 62/100 - If Maestro was not shit-pasted - 15/100. The crying with Mary was definitely was NOT a highlight.

The same night at FH was nothing too exciting, but the MUSIC absolutely ROCKED. There are times when I don't give a shit about the girls on the floor, the hot bartenders or anything else - except the music. I literally danced the entire time, enraptured inthe illusionary techno/trance/dance hits. I was in a state of bliss. Imagine doing acid, cocaine or heroin - I felt like that or this is the feeling that I THOUGHT I would have felt if I ever did those drugs.
Tonight, MUSIC was the drug. And man did it ever hit me good. I was so high I could taste the clouds like it was cotton candy.
Anyhow, I rated the night a god 85/100.


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